Saturday, November 19, 2005


Various blogs have noted this, from yesterday's Atlanta-Journal-Constitution:

The chief sponsor of Georgia's voter identification law told the Justice Department that if black people in her district "are not paid to vote, they don't go to the polls," and that if fewer blacks vote as a result of the new law, it is only because it would end such voting fraud.

The newly released Justice Department memo quoting state Rep. Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta) was prepared by department lawyers as the federal government considered whether to approve the new law....

That would be this Sue Burmeister:

There's a lot about an anti-abortion bill working its way through the Georgia General Assembly that its critics don't like. But there's one part they find particularly galling....

The "Woman's Right to Know Act" contains a section allowing the father or grandparents of an aborted fetus to sue a physician who performs an abortion in "knowing or reckless" violation of the legislation. The legislation would require a physician performing an abortion to give a woman information on the medical risks of abortion, development of the fetus, alternatives to abortion including adoption, medical assistance benefits available for childbirth and child support liabilities of the father.

... abortion rights supporters say the wording of the section would allow any father -- or his parents -- to sue a doctor, even if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest....

...Rep. Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta), sponsor of House Bill 197,
said this week she will seek to clarify the legislation's wording....

(That provision was eventually deleted from the bill, as was a provision requiring physicians to warn about the bogus link between abortion and breast cancer, and the bill became law.)

Burmeister, like so many right-wing Christians, all but wears a neon sign around her neck that says I'M MORE MORAL THAN YOU:

She keeps a Bible on her desk ("and I read that"). A business card holder next to it has a cross on it and reads "Today has eternal consequences." She wears a silver pin on her lapel depicting tiny feet inside the womb, a symbol of her staunch anti-abortion position.

And, oh, by the way, her son was arrested last spring on charges of

molesting a girl, now 16, over a period of nine years.

Make of that what you will.

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