Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Notice that what got up the nose of the FCC's Michael Powell wasn't some pirate post-post-post-post-punk radio station run by two NYU students, or some struggling independently owned AM station in Oklahoma, but, rather, one of the very behemoths he wants to reward handsomely through his push for media deregulation? And notice that one of the behemoths (actually the same one, Viacom) was the employer of the shock jocks who upset Powell last year by broadcasting (alleged) sex at St. Patrick's Cathedral? And notice that Viacom is also the employer of the much-fined Howard Stern, while Clear Channel (as that second link notes) was recently being disciplined for a radio show in which teenage girls were encouraged to discuss sex at their high school? Hey, Michael, how many more times are you going to go out of your way to try to reward these huge companies, only to find yourself shocked, shocked, at what they broadcast?

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