Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The headline in The Washington Times reads, "Photo of Kerry with [Jane] Fonda Enrages Vietnam Veterans." Odd, then, that with all those outraged veterans, the only ones WashTimes reporter Stephen Dinan could find who would actually express outrage were two Republican members of Congress and Ted Sampley, publisher of U.S. Veteran Dispatch, an organization largely devoted to the notion that POWs and MIAs are still alive in Vietnam and there's a massive effort to deny this fact. Sampley despises not only John Kerry but John McCain, whom he calls "the Manchurian Candidate"; note the lovely, racist cartoon here, as well as the description of McCain as "a fraud, collaborator, and danger to the security of the United States." In the '90s McCain and Kerry worked to debunk the notion that Vietnam POWs and MIAs are unaccounted for; I can't help suspecting that, even before the picture emerged (in which Kerry is shown a couple of rows behind Fonda, and not in contact with her at all), Sampley's baseline for anti-Kerry rage was already a tad high.

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