Friday, February 06, 2004

I'm picking up the distinct odor of rat: I just came across an apparently pro-Democrat but anti-Kerry Web page, called "Anybody but This Guy." It seems to be brand new -- its only entry is dated 2-5-04 -- yet it has somehow sidestepped the difficulties most of us have had getting attention for our political Web pages and instantly earned links from both Lucianne Goldberg (see "Some Blogtruth About Kerry") and Mickey Kaus (see "ABK404").

I smell a rat because, despite the site's "Who are we? People who want to see that Bush serves only one term" and its links to the sites of Dean, Clark, and Edwards, it's a one-stop link source for most of the GOP's anti-Kerry bullet points -- and it has this:

How many hit pieces on Kerry are we going to see featuring Ted Kennedy and Michael Dukakis? You'll be seeing this picture soon.

Er, yeah -- we've seen that picture, or pictures like it. It's a picture of Kerry with Kennedy. So?

Only Republicans think Ted Kennedy is a liability for the Democrats. Real Democrats know that only hardcore, yellow-dog Republicans hate him -- nobody else does. I think this fake-lo-fi site is a pathetic attempt at political dirty trickery.

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