Wednesday, February 25, 2004

If you saw the online version of yesterday's USA Today article about the marketing of ancillary Passion products, you unfortunately missed one of the photos that appeared in the print edition -- a photo of Bobby Labonte's NASCAR auto with a big Passion of the Christ ad on it. Well, a NewsMax article has a similar photo. My question is -- um, what's that ad just below the Passion ad? Is that an ad for, er, the kind of pill they make in Eurosocialist countries for weak, whiny city people who think they're unhappy -- the kind of pill you get a 'script for from a bearded New York Christ-denying doctor?

...Oh yeah, I guess it can help you quit smoking, too. Well, hell -- I don't know about Mel Gibson, but the fundies think Jesus can cure homosexuality. They need a pill for smoking?

Another thought: The online USA Today story has a picture of the little nail pendants that are apparently all the rage among people who think The Passion is the greatest movie ever made even though they haven't been able to see it yet. It's cool with me if people want to waer these -- hey, I grew up Catholic, surrounded by crucifixes -- but I was reading the USA Today story at the airport, and if somebody in front of me in a security line someday holds the rest of us up because he or she was dumb enough to try to get on a flight wearing a nail, I am going to be pissed off.

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