Wednesday, February 25, 2004

More sweet nothings from the Right:

Planned Parenthood CEO Demanding Public Apology From Idaho Senator

"I am absolutely outraged," said Rebecca Poedy.  She's been the "Planned Parenthood of Idaho" CEO for four years.  She's participated in many legislative debates, but says what she experienced this week, was a first.  According to Poedy, "He said, 'Ah, it's the pro-aborts, kill 'em all.'"

Poedy said when she heard it, she wasn't sure how to respond, "My initial response was to turn around to Senator Sweet and tell him how ridiculous that statement was.  Today, I have filed a formal complaint with the Senate leadership."

...We did contact Senator Sweet for comment, but when we spoke with him over the phone we asked him about the statement, and he didn't deny making it.  But he did say, he wanted to see the letter first.  We also offered to bring him a copy of it, he declined that, as well.  Sweet's attorney, Brian Chavez-Ochoa, called us a short time later, he did deny that the senator made the statement saying, "It's absolutely false... an egregious fabrication."

But Poedy is demanding not only an apology from the senator, but an explanation, as to what "kill 'em all" may have meant.  She said in her profession, she doesn't take threats, or even the possibility of them, lightly....

--KBCI TV, Boise

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