Saturday, February 28, 2004

The New York Post says Jason West, the mayor of New Paltz, New York, who's been marrying gay couples, has a "history of flakery":

When he was just 6, West boycotted McDonald's because the fast-food giant used Styrofoam containers.

"I've been an environmentalist all my life," he said recently.

"I refused to let [my] family eat at McDonald's when I learned about Styrofoam and how it's not biodegradable. So, we couldn't go to McDonald's for a while, which my sister forgave me for, I think, last summer." ...

West's platform, like his approach to life, was offbeat to say the least, and heavy on environmental issues.

He talked about solar panels for the village hall roof and soy-based fuel for municipal trucks....

What's so flaky about either of these things? I'm impressed.

Oh -- this, I guess, is the flaky part:

As for his puppeteering, West works with a group called Arm-of-the-Sea theater, which performs throughout the Hudson Valley.

Hey, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie is going to win a mess of Oscars tomorrow night? Didn't he used to make puppet movies?

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