Thursday, October 30, 2003

So I guess a "gunman" breached security at the Cannon House Office Building in D.C. today, creating a real scare until it was discovered that his gun was a toy. Over at National Review Online, the bloggers at The Corner are horrified -- horrified that one member of Congress who was interviewed about the incident was Carolyn McCarthy:

...Why select her from the 435 members of Congress? Why, because her husband was the victim of gun violence, of course!

Fortunately, the story turned out to be a false alarm. Otherwise CNN's viewers would have been subjected to who knows how much fear-inspired, uninformed anti-gun speculation.

This example of liberal media bias is so great, one suspects even Eric Alterman might notice.

Yeah -- what horrible bias! To interview a woman whose husband was brutally gunned down on the subject of an apparent rampant gunman! It's almost as bad as when those liberals at CBS talked to victims of the Oklahaoma City bombing about the World Trade Center! How dare they! That was anti-terrorist bias!

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