Thursday, October 23, 2003

Did some self-righteous, self-satisfied meddler really just say on NPR that Michael Schiavo isn't truly his wife's spouse anymore because he doesn't live with her? SHE'S IN THE HOSPITAL! SHE'S IN A PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE! OF COURSE HE DOESN'T LIVE WITH HER!

Well, now a special guardian is being appointed for Terry Schiavo, even though her spouse is right there.

The silence from all those right-wingers who endlessly rail against the excessive, totalitarian powers of "big government" is deafening.

By the way, as you'll notice from the story, that repellent law that was passed to deny Michael Schiavo his rights has now taken on capital letters -- it's being called Terry's Law. That scares me.

Oh, and by the way, this woman should burn in hell.

(UPDATE: I posted this without knowing the facts about Michael Schiavo's current living arrangements. See this post. I still agree with his desire to have the feeding tube removed, however, and I still think the woman whose words appear in the last link should burn in hell.)

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