Friday, October 24, 2003

Randall Terry thanks Florida's mullahs For giving him veto power over the entire judicial system, and warns us that, oh, by the way, any one of us might be next:

Religious conservatives say that with an arsenal of prayer vigils, Christian radio broadcasts and thousands of e-mail messages to Florida lawmakers, they played a pivotal role in the legislative battle this week over whether to feed a brain-damaged woman who has been kept alive artificially for 13 years.

Now some conservatives are hoping to use similar tactics to help them challenge court rulings they opposed in other states.

Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, said he and other conservatives intended to use what they consider a stunning victory here to pressure lawmakers elsewhere to chip away at court rulings allowing abortion and banning organized prayer in schools and the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools, among other issues.

"Finally, a governor and legislature had the courage to stand up to judicial despots because of an overwhelming call by the public," Mr. Terry said....

Mr. Terry said he was strategizing on Thursday with other conservatives about how to use the Schiavo victory to make progress on other issues, at both the state and national levels. Among the other conservatives, he said, was Phil Sheldon, who runs a Web site called Conservative that collected tens of thousands of electronic signatures in support of the Schiavo bill and sent them to Florida legislators....

--New York Times

Twice in the article, Terry has the unmitigated gall to say that this usurpation of Michael Schiavo's rights as a husband and legal guardian markes a "return to self-government."

Yeah, sure -- if what Randall Terry means by "self-government" is government by himself.

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