Thursday, October 23, 2003

Here's what infuriated me this morning. It's from Phillip Davis's report on NPR's Morning Edition (transcribed from the Morning Edition Web page, story title "Comatose Florida Woman"):

DAVIS: ...Meanwhile, Schiavo's family fired a volley in court, filing to have Michael Schiavo removed as Terry's guardian. Family spokeswoman Pam Hennessy:

HENNESSY: Well, they would like to get him removed as the guardian. Calling Mr. Schiavo her spouse at this point is truly obsolete.

DAVIS: The family says Michael Schiavo is not living with Terry as a husband....

Meaning what? He's unable to enjoy normal marital relations with her BECAUSE SHE'S IN A FREAKING COMA?

(UPDATE: I posted this without knowing the facts about Michael Schiavo's current living arrangements. See this post. I still agree with his desire to have the feeding tube removed, however.)

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