Sunday, October 26, 2003

In his article in the October 27 New Yorker (not available online), Jeffrey Toobin writes about the judge overseeing the trial of Enron's Andrew Fastow, Kenneth Hoyt -- a Reagan appointee:

In a 1997 case involving alleged environmental contamination in a largely minority neighborhood, the Judge asserted that physical differences among races were the product of their environments. "Why do you think Chinese people are short?" Hoyt told the lawyers in the case. "Because there is so much damn wind over there they need to be short. Why are they so tall in Africa? Because they need to be tall. It's environmental. I mean, you don't jump up and get a banana off a tree if you're only four feet. If you're seven feet tall and you're standing in China, then you're going to get blown away when that Siberian wind comes through."

Hoyt, for what it's worth, is African-American -- which just goes to prove that idiots come in all races, colors, and creeds.

These far-right presidents sure know how to pick judges, don't they?

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