Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The New York Post and the Daily News, whose perpetual tabloid war has heated up recently, have separately arrived at the same solution for our woes in Iraq:

Just kick ass!

Here's what a Post editorial says today:

In Iraq, Coalition forces face a determined and resourceful foe - one that operates outside the realm of civilized behavior.

The recent attacks are believed to have been carried out by "foreign agents" - al Qaeda & friends - or by Saddam Hussein loyalists. Or some combination thereof.

They are well-armed.

They appear to be a sizable force.

This leaves only one course for Washington.

America and its allies cannot pull
any punches.

They must not shy away from action for fear of inciting Arabs and Muslims.

And here's the Daily News:

There is an alternative to merely staying the course - take the gloves off altogether.

We've been playing a little too nice in Iraq. We've been pacifying more than we've been taking care of business. We've been more culturally sensitive than is entirely a good thing for the safety of our troops. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said it himself: Our aggression is insufficient. We're not punching hard enough.

Sunday's hotel assault, it is reported, was known by intel to be imminent. Yet local officials conceded that no particular precautions were taken. Not to put too fine a point on this, but: Why the hell not?

It has now been nearly six months since the President declared major combat operations to have concluded. It's time to declare them resumed.

What? And rework the Bush administration's narrative arc, according to which we won a great victory for freedom last spring and all these attacks are just signs of "desperation"?

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