Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Donald Trump and his team had months to concoct an insulting grade-school nickname for Kamala Harris, and the best they could come up with was ... Phony Kamala?
In a video to supporters and text messages to donors, the Trump campaign nicknamed Harris “phony Kamala” for criticizing Biden for his record on school integration during the Democratic primary but then agreeing to join his ticket. “Biden picked Phony Kamala for VP: He isn’t smart enough to see her lies,” the campaign wrote in the text.
It doesn't rhyme, it's not alliterative, and "phony" is a generic insult. Also, as I've said before, "authenticity" in politics is usually a euphemism for "charisma" -- politicians like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton are called "inauthentic" mostly because they seem ill at ease in the spotlight. But Kamala Harris seems very much at ease. People might dislike her for a lot of reasons, but I don't think anyone will regard her as "phony," with the exception of the Trump cult, which will accept the nickname as sacred truth, as it accepts all other assertions from the God Emperor and his acolytes.

But "Phony Kamala" isn't the only Harris insult the right has cooked up -- it's just the one that's intended for mass consumption. Here's what right-wingers call Harris when they think we're not listening:

This is a nasty allusion to Harris's reported romantic involvement with former San Francisco mayor and California Assembly speaker Willie Brown, who, as speaker, appointed her to the state's Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and Medical Assistance Commission.

"Mattress Kamala" is what your right-wing relatives will be calling her soon, if they aren't already. We'll see whether Trump or any of his surrogates try to take the nickname mainstream. At the very least, I'm sure it will show up in the Facebook posts of a few red-state GOP county leaders in the near future.

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