Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reports:
Donald Trump didn’t expect Joe Biden to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate. “He thought Biden would choose Karen Bass,” a Republican briefed on Trump’s thinking said. Trump’s view, according to sources close to the White House, was that Biden would prefer a candidate with Bass’s low national profile and one who wouldn’t outshine him.
In other words, Trump thought Biden would pick a female Mike Pence -- a groveling helpmeet who stays silent in the Master's presence except when it's time to shower His Lordship with obsequious praise. (That's another reason Trump won't dump Pence: He always does what Trump asks and never says a discouraging word about him. Even bootlicking Lindsey Graham is mildly critical of Trump on rare occasions.)

Sherman suggests that Trump's point of view is shared by others in his circle:
“She’s going to help with the base, and that’s where it ends,” a Trump adviser predicted. “She’ll scare the shit out of suburban women. How great is this?” ... The adviser added that Biden would soon regret choosing a high-wattage running mate. “This is not Mike Pence to Donald Trump or Joe Biden to Obama. Kamala is going to be the candidate. She’ll be constantly overshadowing him. In three to four weeks, Biden is going to realize he made a dumb move.”
I guess it's inconceivable to these troglodytes that Biden might not have a delicate male ego that wilts in the presence of an intelligent, charismatic woman. Hey, that's not what broads are for! Biden might actually believe that it helps him if people respond well to Harris. Imagine!

(And since we've been talking about Nikki Haley, is there even the slightest possibility that Trump and this circle of advisers would be willing to have her on the ticket in Pence's place?)

And speaking of delicate male egos, Sherman also reports on Trump's pouty response to campaign suggestions from his aides:
Since his disastrous and sparsely attended Tulsa rally in June, Trump has largely cocooned himself inside the White House, leaving only for a few public events and visits to his private clubs. “Trump has told the campaign he only wants to do one or two events a week. They keep putting ideas in front of him, and he is telling them ‘no,’” a Republican close to the campaign told me. One Republican close to the West Wing speculated that Trump doesn’t like doing small events like factory visits because they promote other people’s companies. “He thinks, Why should I do that?” the Republican said.
Dude, you're the president of the United States. When you make an appearance at some company's factory, do you think Americans watching the news are thinking about the company?

It's amazing that Trump's fans think he's the most dominant male in the history of alpha-ness when he's actually a quivering mass of insecurity.

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