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You probably know that there was a schedule adjustment in last night's Republican convention programming.
One of the speakers for the second night of the Republican National Convention was pulled from the program after The Daily Beast surfaced a tweet from her, earlier in the day, urging her followers to investigate a supposed Jewish plot to enslave the world....

Mary Ann Mendoza ... an “angel mom,” was scheduled to speak Tuesday about her son’s 2014 death at the hands of a drunk driver who was in the country illegally....

Hours earlier, Mendoza had linked to a lengthy thread from a QAnon conspiracy theorist that laid out a fevered, anti-Semitic view of the world. In its telling, the Rothschilds—a famous Jewish banking family from Germany—created a plot to terrorize non-Jewish “goyim,” with purported details of their scheme that included plans to “make the goyim destroy each other” and “rob the goyim of their landed properties.” ...

The thread also promoted “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” an anti-Semitic hoax popular in Nazi Germany, and claimed that its allegations about a Jewish plot to control the world are real.

“The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not a fabrication,” the thread that Mendoza shared reads. “And, it certainly is not anti-semetic (sic) to point out this fact.”
This morning, MSNBC's Hallie Jackson followed up with Trump spokesman Tim Murtaugh, who said anti-Semitism is bad but, y'know, there are limits.
After Murtaugh confirmed that Mendoza’s peddling of anti-Semitic tropes was something the campaign denounces “fully,” Jackson pivoted to Republican congressional candidate and proud QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

... “Marjorie Taylor Greene was invited to tomorrow night to be on the South Lawn with the president. She’s a candidate who’s embraced conspiracy theories—these QAnon, and in many cases, anti-Semitic conspiracies as well. Will she be disinvited?”

“We hear from the media all the time about this QAnon business, and frankly we don’t have time to—or the inclination to—we have a lot of things that we work on here in the campaign,” Murtaugh deflected. “And chasing down conspiracy theories isn’t one of them.”

Jackson, meanwhile, pointed out that they just pulled an RNC speaker for sharing “deranged conspiracy theories” while asking the Trump flack how the situation with Greene and QAnon was different.

“Because anti-Semitism is something that is clear and everyone understands how foul and repulsive it is,” Murtaugh answered, prompting the MSNBC host to retort that QAnon is explicitly anti-Semitic.

“The latest conspiracy theory the media seems to be focused on—the only ones we ever hear about this from are the media,” an undeterred Murtaugh continued. “It is not something we deal with here in the campaign, not something we ever think about, I never heard the president even offer an opinion about it.”
It's not just that QAnon is explicitly anti-Semitic -- it's that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been publicly anti-Semitic herself.

As Politico reported in June:
In a video and on social media, Greene has also touted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Soros, a Holocaust survivor, collaborated with the Nazis.

“George Soros says dark forces have been awakened by Trump’s win. I don’t think so,” she said in one video. “George Soros is the piece of crap that turned in — he’s a Jew — he turned in his own people over to the Nazis.”

In February 2019, Greene replied to a tweet that included several memes accusing Soros of being part of a secret totalitarian world government. One picture showed Soros as a vampire who controls “every single Democrat politician.” In her reply, Greene called Soros “the Nazi himself trying to continue what was not finished.”
I bet at least a few folks on Trump's team have researched Greene and know that she said and wrote these things -- but I imagine they don't consider them really anti-Semitic, because Soros is history's greatest monster in their eyes. (I'm sure many people in Trump's White House and campaign believe Greene's video and tweet about Soros are completely accurate.)

In addition, Jewish Insider reported:
In a post on the now-defunct website American Truth Seekers archived on the Wayback Machine, an author named Marjorie Greene made claims about George Soros, the Rothschild banking family and factions of the Saudi Arabian monarchy as part of QAnon....
In that post, Greene wrote:
This is a ‘Global Evil’ that attempted to takeover America. Many in our government actively worship Satan, Moloch/Molech and participate Pedophilia, Spirit Cooking, etc. Most Americans are afraid to look this Truth in the eye but True Evil does exist regardless of your religious views. This is not a joke and most definitely not a game. Thousands of Pedophiles and Child Traffickers have been arrested since Trump was sworn in. They are all under heavy investigation, including their funds and their affiliations.

Saudi Arabia, Rothschild and Soros are the puppet masters that fund this Global Evil. For the first time in history, this triangle of funding has lost one of it’s sides and is beginning to collapse. The old Saudi Arabia was funding child trafficking, Hillary Clinton, false flags and various other evil activities. The New Saudi Arabia is just taking form as Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, the same King who honored President Trump during his visit, made an abrupt change in the line of succession. He appointed his younger son Mohammed bin Salman (people call him MBS) as Crown Prince and is reportedly going to step down this week due to dementia, which will make MBS King. As soon as MBS was named Crowned Prince is when ‘The Purge’ in Saudi Arabia began. Hundreds of Officials and other Princes were arrested for corruption charges, many with ties to Clinton, Podesta, Huma, Obama, etc. All of their corrupt dealings and bank records are being investigated. As this unfolds, the paper trail will likely lead to charges here in the United States and could possibly be some of the sealed indictments. MBS has a good relationship with Trump and has vowed to ‘Make Saudi Arabia Great Again’, less strict and more moderate. Saudi Arabia is now working with Israel (highly unusual) and Trump against Iran, Radical Islam and efforts to defund terrorism.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity take out this Global Cabal of Satan worshiping pedophiles.
(Emphasis in original.)

In this post, Greene says that with the drying up of Saudi Arabian funding, the Global Cabal of Satan is now run by Soros and some Rothschild or other (I'm not sure which one she means -- I'm pretty sure there are several Rothschilds alive today). But she doesn't dwell on Soros and Rothschild, you see -- she's much more interested in the mini-QAnon "storm" she claims MbS has brought to Saudi Arabia.

So this post only alludes to the notion that Jews are allied with Satan! You can't break off ties with someone for an allusion, can you?

So I guess Marjorie Taylor Greene will remain in the GOP's good graces. (Besides, she now says she's no longer QAnon-curious -- she still has never apologized for posting hate speech, but she says she abandoned the world of Q when she "started finding misinformation" there, which, by coincidence, seems to have been right around the time the national media started writing stories about her.)

Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Mary Ann Mendoza back in the GOP's good graces once the convention is over, because screw you, liberals.

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