Friday, February 14, 2020


When Attorney General William Barr told ABC News that President Trump's tweets are distracting him from doing his job, some observers naively saw it as a sign of a genuine rift with the president (until Trump signaled that he wasn't upset), while others saw it as a transparently phony effort to conceal the fact that Trump and Barr are working in sync.

And then there are the people who post in right-wing comment sections, who suspect Barr isn't enough of a hatchet man for the president. Here's how commenters at Gateway Pundit responded to news of the Barr interview:
So Bill Barr actually has a "Job" to do? Prove it have been using the "Delay" tactic with Durham ,Horowicz, Huber and now a new Prosecutor telling us to "wait" until its investigated. Barr has not done one damn thing since appointed and he's crying like a child because the President has caused him to have to "Explain" his no existent approach to holding these people accountable for a Coup de'tat ! Either get with it or resign....but its looks bad when the AG complains to the media about his damn a spoiled child !


The moment Barr threw away rock solid criminal referrals on Comey & McCabe was the moment he revealed what he is.


Unfortunately all hope is on Durham and that hope too, is fading fast.
Looks like the crooks, traitors and rats will get away with sedition.


I used to believe it but now not so much. He is former bush admin so not good


As Dr. Corsi says, Tear down the FBI building and get rid of every single one of them. Rebuild from the bottom up. It has been corrupted beyond all hope.


Let me spell this out -- Barr ain't doin' crap. He's just another establishment piece of garbage. President Trump fights alone against the Swamp....

When will Bill Barr GET OFF HIS ASS and start the the criminal prosecutions against the crimes of the deep state? Lots of talk coming out of Barr but no action.


Barr can resign if he thinks Trump makes it "Impossible to Do His Job".
How about Barr tells Democrats to "BACK OFF", and Lock a Few of them Up for leaking, lying, and attempting a Coup against the President.

Then perhaps he could "Do His Job" in peace.
And at Free Republic:
Next he’ll be recusing himself.

I wish I were joking.


Unrecused he doesn’t seem to be doing much about the crimes we all know about.


Barr knows Trump is going to explode when they let Humper [Hunter Biden] off - and decline to Prosecute.


Barr's "Justice" Dept (and yes, the President is correct to put it in quotes) is infested with Obama and Clinton rogues who are traitors, criminals, schemers, and villains.

The President, his family, and his associates have been put through Hell by this "Justice" Dept.

The President calls them out, and Bagpipes goes crying to some liberal reporter at ABC News?


Actually, everybody is waiting for you to do your job Bagpipes. And nobody is going to be surprised when you don’t.


This is Barr siding with Lindsey Graham and Senator Ron Johnson (WI)

They’re not going to put the Country through a Prosecution of anyone named Biden.

Barr has left the fold and embraced the Establishment.


I see people still at justice dept. like Bruce Ohr that should be gone.

We hear Flynn was set up and 302 were tainted, they actually didn’t think he lied. they threatened his son
they held back evidence in the Generals favor.

Carter Paige phony charges, he actually worked for CIA while they called him a Russian asset? WTF

Now from Ukraine we hear much of what put Manafort in jail was fake evidence. And Manafort is in poor health because he was put is solitary and didn’t get early medical treatment.

And now we get lots of new Roger Stone info, prosecutorial missconduct, tainted juror, and of course made up crimes that were linked to the fake Mueller SC when Mueller knew on day 2 that Trump was innocent, yet they went after Roger Stone anyway. Making Stone broke and his deaf wife suffer.

Barr should get the job done and its over half a year and no results in even prosecuting one of these people we know are lawbreakers for over 3 years. I am not patient for justice to reach the DOJ.
You'd think these people would be happy with the way things are going in America -- Trump is unleashed and he has a good shot at reelection. Impeachment was defeated. Democrats seem frantic.

Yet they're unhappy. They're always unhappy -- aggrieved has been the right's default mode for years -- but they're especially unhappy now, because they've been sold a narrative of unpunished liberal/"deep state" criminality and they won't believe they live in a just country until every subject of a Fox prime time Two Minutes' Hate has been sent to prison. They almost seem angrier about fake crimes than we are about real ones.

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