Saturday, February 01, 2020


Some Democrats are too stupid to breathe:
A small group of Democratic National Committee members has privately begun gauging support for a plan to potentially weaken Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and head off a brokered convention.

In conversations on the sidelines of a DNC executive committee meeting and in telephone calls and texts in recent days, about a half-dozen members have discussed the possibility of a policy reversal to ensure that so-called superdelegates can vote on the first ballot at the party’s national convention. Such a move would increase the influence of DNC members, members of Congress and other top party officials, who now must wait until the second ballot to have their say if the convention is contested.

... it is possible [Sanders] could arrive at the convention with the most delegates — but without enough to win the nomination on the first ballot. It is also possible that he and Elizabeth Warren, a fellow progressive, could arrive at the convention in second and third place, but with more delegates combined than the frontrunner.
And so these folks are discussing the possibility of making an eleventh-hour change to restore full first-ballot voting rights to superdelegates -- now called "automatic delegates" -- after previously agreeing, under pressure from Sanders supporters, not to do this. Do I have to explain what a terrible idea this is? And why you shouldn't want it to happen even if you detest Sanders?

Democrats need to bring together as many voters as possible once a nominee is in place. Sanders supporters are already deeply suspicious of the Democratic establishment; many of them believe they were cheated out of the 2016 nomination. So instead of working to win their trust, these DNC members are loudly proclaiming (within earshot of a reporter from Politico, where this story appeared): "Yes, I think we should cheat this year. Anything to keep that damn socialist off the ballot."

If you want to guarantee a massive vote for Jill Stein or Tulsi Gabbard or whoever is this year's designated third-party lefty, then yes, this is exactly what you should do.

I should note that even the people behind this scheme don't think it will happen.
Even proponents of the change acknowledge it is all but certain not to gain enough support to move past these initial conversations.
But the fact that you clowns have allowed this to go public means that you've already done some of the damage you'd do if you could actually carry this cockamamie scheme out. Now every suspicious Berner can point to this Politico story and say, "See? The neoliberal bastards are cheating again!" Even if it never happens. Nice work.

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