Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I told you Sunday that if Mike Bloomberg is the Democratic presidential nominee, he'll be attacked from the left by the Trump campaign. You can get a hint of what's coming from the current front page of the Trump-aligned Breitbart:

Yes, Breitbart -- the site that used to have a "black crime" story tag...

... is going woke on Bloomberg, favorably quoting a black critic of the Young Men's Initiative, a program Bloomberg championed as mayor of New York.
Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg once claimed during a television appearance that an “enormous cohort” of young black and Latino males “don’t know how to behave in the workplace.”

Bloomberg, who at the time was in his final term as mayor of New York City, made the remarks at the launch of his multimillion dollar Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) in August 2011....

Bloomberg’s remarks ... struck many, especially within New York City’s African American community, as insensitive and bled over into YMI’s public perception. The Village Voice, a prominent New York City tabloid, mocked the initiative as “the white mayor’s burden,” while questioning its feasibility.

Michael Meyers, the executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, was even more direct, claiming the program was paternalistic and perpetrated problematic stereotypes of young black men.

Meyers wrote for the Huffington Post shortly after the initiative launched:
I am opposed to this Young Men’s scheme because the black and Latino community is dis-served by good-intentioned paternalism — such strategies … are doomed to fail because they are trying to sell hope through charity and group blame.
If this really is a two-candidate nominating contest -- Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders -- I'll remind you that while Sanders might struggle to fight off attacks on his championing of democratic socialism, Bloomberg is just as likely to be pummeled on his well-documented racist and sexist words and deeds.

Maybe it won't matter. Maybe he just has too much money for this to hurt him. But he's vulnerable, and the right is shameless.

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