Tuesday, October 02, 2018


I was about to write a post explaining that the reactions to the news of Brett Kavanaugh's Yale bar fight are breaking across pre-existing political and cultural lines, but Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business just wrote the post for me:

Unlike Gasparino, I assume that a fair number of lefty guys have gotten into bar fights, and that plenty of right-wing men haven't. (Stephen Miller? Ted Cruz? You think?) The real question is whether you believe that getting into a bar fight is a sign of failure. As I see it, you should try to avoid bar fights at all times. Maybe you avoid them by being in the kind of shape that makes people not want to mess with you. Maybe you avoid them by keeping your head down and/or drinking in bars where fights are rare. Maybe you don't go out drinking at all. Regardless of your approach to this questions, you should want not to have bar fights. You shouldn't be as proud of having them as Gasparino is.

Gasparino talks about bar fights the way most right-wingers talk about gun violence -- it simply can't be avoided, so if you're a non-soyboy, you know enough to carry a weapon at all times. It doesn't actually bother right-wingers when gun violence occurs, because to them it's like rain -- it's inevitable sooner or later.

That's just sad and uncivilized. If you feel that way, you do nothing to minimize the violence in your world. You're the problem.

And then there's this tweet, a response to Gasparino that he retweeted:

They really can't tell the difference between this and attempting to rape a fifteen-year-old girl. No wonder we can't reason with them.

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