Friday, October 05, 2018


Republicans keeping it classy:

Also there's this, in response to a report that a member of Christine Blasey Ford's legal team has questioned whether July 1, 1982 was when she was assaulted:

That last tweet brings me to the president: If you were shocked or offended by Trump's recent mockery of Dr. Blasey Ford, just imagine what he'll be like after the confirmation vote, when no one will be warning him to restrain himself. His right-wing allies clearly won't regard him as sexist, or as kicking a victim when she's down. I think he'll feel unleashed as soon as the voting is over. And mocking a woman (or more than one woman) for the unconscionable sin of not being on the MAGA side won't upset any of his allies. They might think it's strategically unwise. But they'll also think whatever he says is hilarious.

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