Tuesday, October 02, 2018


I'm withholding judgment on Julie Swetnick, who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of, among other things, participating in high school gang rapes, or at least being present when they were taking place. Fox's Laura Ingraham, of course, has concluded that Kavanaugh's accusers are not to be believed, and so last night she interviewed Richard Vinneccy, an ex-boyfriend who parted with Swetnick on less-than-amicable terms.

It's a free country, so Ingraham has every right to try to impugn Swetnick's integrity this way. But Ingraham would make make a stronger case if she could tell her Kavanaugh accusers apart.

Watch this moment from last night's interview:

LAURA INGRAHAM: When you watched her testify last week, when you -- you know, she went through the very heartfelt description of what happened to her at the hands of what she said was Brett Kavanaugh, what went through your mind? When the rest of the country was saying, "She's so credible, she's so believable," you knew her for seven years. What was going through your mind?

RICHARD VINNECCY: Well, first of all, when I first heard her vo-- I mean, her name mentioned on TV, I'm thinking, "Oh my God!" Totally amazed--

INGRAHAM: Excuse me -- yeah. She obviously didn't testify. Excuse me -- rephrase. She obviously didn't testify. When you heard her come out with these allegations of, of, of, you know, this, this hideous attack, a gang rape, a sexual assault, um, you'd been with her for seven years, did she ever say anything about gang rape?

VINNECCY: Never. Never. Never.
Look, anyone can have a brain fart. But seriously? You're a top media professional interviewing the ex-boyfriend of the third Brett Kavanaugh accuser and you can't remember that she isn't the first Brett Kavanaugh accuser? You can't remember that Swetnick isn't the one who testified before Congress and was found believable by a large portion of the country?

I guess this what happens when you think all the accusers are dishonest skanks -- if you're Laura Ingraham, they all start looking alike to you.

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