Monday, October 01, 2018


Why, it's almost as if they've all secretly agreed on this messaging:

Yes: If the Brett Kavanaugh nomination fails, every male appointee will be at risk of a similar accusation, and will be powerless to refute it!

It's been pointed out, of course, that Neil Gorsuch not only reached the Court more or less effortlessly despite the fact that he's male, he did so despite the fact that he also went to Georgetown Prep. No one accused him of sexual assault.

You know who else wasn't accused of sexual assault? The vast majority of Trump appointees, who are overwhelmingly male.

The Guardian, September 2017:
A new analysis shared exclusively with the Guardian has found that 80% of nominations for top jobs in the Trump administration have gone to men – putting Donald Trump on track to assemble the most male-dominated federal government in nearly a quarter-century....

The 80% figure comes from an analysis of 408 political nominees Trump has sent to the Senate for approval – 327 men and 80 women. The Senate has confirmed 129 of those nominees....
More numbers from the Daily Beast in November 2017:
The trend goes across government, though it is truly accentuated in certain fields. For example, Trump has nominated 282 men for high ranking cabinet positions compared to 77 women. He has nominated 55 men for tax, armed forces, veterans claims, district, appellate, and supreme court judgeships compared to 13 women. And after Friday's nominations, he has nominated 54 men to the 57 U.S. attorney posts he has filled out—an astounding 94.7%.
And a more recent tally from The Atlantic in March 2018:
... an Atlantic analysis of 2,475 Trump appointees shows [that the] White House has named twice as many men as women to administration positions. This gender skew is both broad and deep: In no department do female appointees outnumber male appointees, and in some cases men outnumber women four or five to one. Moreover, men significantly outnumber women in low-level positions as well as in high-level ones, with Trump’s Cabinet currently composed of 19 men and five women. Overall, 33 percent of Trump’s appointees are women, compared to 47 percent of the national workforce and 43 percent of the 2 million workers across the executive branch.
Apart from Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary who was accused of abuse by two ex-wives, who's been brought down by sexual misconduct allegations? If we on the left just make stuff up and then agree to treat it as credible, why didn't we do that to, say, Scott Pruitt or John Bolton? Are we pure evil, but not quite pure enough to have dreamed up this evil scheme until recently?

We don't do this unless there's a good reason. There's a good reason now. Christine Blasey Ford, Debbie Ramirez, and the many people who've confirmed Kavanaugh's drinking and foul temper as a young man are the reason.

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