Saturday, October 27, 2018


Conspiracy-minded right-wingers have been focusing on the van seized as evidence after the arrest of alleged #MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc. Here's what one commenter says at Free Republic:
There are two forces at work in America that cause these sort of events.

1) Hatred from the left, and

2) Prodding by Deep State operatives who specialize in Manchurian Actors.

... #2) is possible. In fact, I think the Florida Bomber might have been victim to this treatment. Everything is too OFF about that case. Acme-Roadrunner bombs, a van covered with recently-applied (unfaded) Trump stickers....
The reference to "unfaded" pro-Trump stickers seems to come directly from Rush Limbaugh, who said this on the air yesterday:
... none of the stuff on that van, the stickers and the decals...

Very little of it looks faded, meaning it doesn’t look like it’s been there very long. Certainly, this guy’s van is parked outside; he’s been driving around in this thing. We have inclement weather hear in south Florida. There’s been some rain. But it’s a hot, baking, wet sun. And even if these stickers are plastered on the insides of the windows, there would be some fading of this stuff.
Conclusion: "Deep State operatives who specialize in Manchurian Actors" turned Sayoc into a fake Trump zealot, complete with newly applied, unfaded stickers.

Well, today an anti-Semite named Robert Bowers was arrested and charged with shooting up a synagogue in Pittsburgh; eight people were killed in that attack. What have we learned about Bowers? Among other things, he had an account on Gab, the right-wing imitation Twitter, until shortly after the shooting. He was a proud Jew-hater there.

But he made clear there that he was no fan of Donald Trump.

He posted this:

And reposted this:

But wait -- we were just told that the Deep State created a fake Trump admirer who (allegedly!) built bombs and sent them to Trump critics. Yet Bowers is a Trump hater? Why did the Deep State give him that profile? What does it all mean?

I eagerly await the revised conspiracy theory.

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