Monday, October 22, 2018


Rush Limbaugh has some theories about the mob that greeted Nancy Pelosi last week in Florida:
This is from Wednesday in Coral Gables, which is where the University of Miami is. Pelosi was entering an event to campaign for Donna Shalala.... Pelosi was confronted and heckled by protesters....

This looks like what leftists would conjure up a protest if they thought Republicans would show up and protest, what Republicans would say. How many Republicans have you seen show up at a Democrat event and start shouting, “Communista! Communista! Socialista”? How many times have you seen this? Tell me. Tell me! How many times have you...? (interruption) It doesn’t happen often. I know it is Miami and you’re thinking Little Havana and all that. But I’m just telling you like the Democrats want to get in on the...

They’re taking heat for all of this garbage that they’re doing. They’re taking heat on the way they did Kavanaugh. They’re taking heat for forcing Cruz and his wife and others out of restaurants. Nobody’s in favor of that. That’s not getting any support. It’s not building a movement. It may be satisfying the already existing lunatics that make up the Democrat Party base, but it’s not growing it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats staged this whole thing to try to get sympathy for Pelosi.

... So count me in the group of people that thinks this could very likely be a put-up job. I mean, it’s got all the coverage, it’s got the right angles to it and so forth — and if it’s legit, fine. We’ll applaud the south Florida Cuban community and so forth. But I’m... “Socialista! Socialista! Communista!” It strikes me as what Democrats would think Republican protesters would say if there were such a thing as Republican protesters!

Here's the video:

Does anything about this seem fake about this to you? Is it implausible or far-fetched that wingnuts would call Democrats "communists"? It's partly in Spanish because it's the Miami area and some of the wingnuts are Cuban. Apart from that, it's exactly like every mob of angry right-wingers since the Cold War.

The Washington Post noted last week that a demonstration at the event -- at which protesters held up anti-communist and anti-socialist signs -- was organized by the GOP, a fact for which there's documentary proof. It's also clear that members of the Proud Boys showed up.

Photographs taken of the protest around the event, which appears to have been organized by Nelson Diaz, the chairman of the Republican Party in Miami-Dade County, according to emails posted online by radio host Grant Stern, show some protesters with Proud Boys gear.

As the Post story notes, a right-wing site called Big League Politics attributed the video to Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Miami Proud Boys. Here's a statement from Tarrio, taken from the Miami Proud Boys' Facebook page:

But it got bad press, and criticism from conservatives such as Steve Scalise. And since conservatism can never acknowledge error, there has to be an explanation that gets right-wingers off the hook.

So a fake protest it is. Yeah, whatever, Rush.

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