Wednesday, September 07, 2016


So this happened yesterday:
If elected president, Trump says he will give his top generals a "simple" instruction: Within 30 days, come up with a plan for "soundly and quickly defeating" the Islamic State group.

Trump made the comments at a Tuesday night rally in Greenville, North Carolina.
But wait -- I thought Trump was better informed on ISIS than the generals. That's what he told us last November:
"I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me... I would bomb the shit out of them."
And I thought he already had a plan for defeating ISIS. That's what he said in May of last year:
Donald Trump told Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren that he has a “foolproof way” of defeating ISIS, but he won’t share it with the media. He will, however, put his plan into action if he’s elected President of the United States.

“If I run, and if I win, I don’t want the enemy to know what I’m doing,” Trump said of the Islamic extremist terrorist group that has been steadily causing trouble in the Middle East. “Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to tell at some point, but there is a method of defeating them quickly and effectively and having total victory.”

“All I can tell you it is a foolproof way of winning, and I’m not talking about what some people would say, but it is a foolproof way of winning the war with ISIS,” he said. “And it will be absolutely, 100 percent --they’ll at minimum come to the table but actually they’ll be defeated very quickly.”
So why does he need anyone else's plan when his is perfect?

At least one general is insulted by Trump's latest statement:
A retired army general is slamming Donald Trump's remarks that as President he will ask the US military to come up with a plan within one month to defeat ISIS.

"I had to ask myself, what the hell does he think we've been trying to do for the last 14 years in terms of al Qaeda?" Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling told Anderson Cooper on AC360 on Tuesday....

The former commanding general decried Trump, calling his orders "simplistic" and insulting to individuals working to defeat ISIS.

"It shows a complete lack of understanding of the threat and the ways to fight it," Hertling said. "It's a sophomoric approach to elements of national security policy because if he's just calling in the military, he's missing the point that there are several other elements of national security that will help defeat ISIS."

... Hertling served in the Army for 37 years.
That's 37 years longer than Trump served in the military, of course. But he knows more than they do, and he's going to tell them how to do their jobs.

Or maybe not. He can't seem to decide.


Victor said...

t-RUMP's just giving the military 30 days to show that they know more than he does!

It scares the living hell out of me, that a man this sociopathic, stupid, ignorant, and childish - a "MORAN!!!", essentially - can come THIS close to being POTUS!

But, when about half of the voters are sociopathic, stupid, ignorant, and childish - "MORANS!!!!!", basically - I don't know why I'm at all surprised.


This is a far cry from the country I thought I was raised in, back in the 60's and 70's - which, to be honest, should have told me of the coming tsunami of "TEH FUCKING STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPIDDD!"

I guess that back then, I was a bit slow on the uptake...

swkellogg said...

wolverines. whooooo.

Gerald Parks said...

Victor ...don't be so hard on yourself!

THIS is what came out of the GOP/Republican "deep" bench of candidates IS the best they can do!

Consider this ... their governance in 21st Century American has been nothing short of dismal, disasterous and a string of fiscal failure ...Bush/Cheney 2000-2008, Senate and House 20010 to present (the two WORST proforming CONGRESS in US history), KS, MI, LA, ME NJ, MS,AL,etc

To expect "better" from them ...well THAT ...would be irrational, irresponsible reckless and foolish!

Not to mention insanity ...doing the same thing expecting a different result!