Sunday, September 11, 2016

Get well, Hillary!

The whole second act in a much more modern production (with Kiril Manolov as the Knight and Riccardo Muti conducting), and much better sound, but no subtitles.

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Feud Turgidson said...

My favorite comic opera! Verdi, approaching 80, composing at a pace of maybe an hour per day if he felt up to it; the Bard's favorite character and ideas set to music by the Maestro for whom Shakespeare was his favorite playwright; adapted to Italian opera form by his Verdi's most worshipful fellow composer, great admirer, and fastest friend, the lawyer Arrigo Boito.

Tutti gabbati -

Life is just a burlesque,
And we are all born fools,
Prone to clamor & clattering.
Endless vain chattering,
Whether dark or picaresque
Lowly or mighty,
Steadfast or flighty;
No one's more prone to bicker & brawl
Than we preening jesters.
Yet, the question still festers:
When the laughter cools,
Who will laugh last of all?

Vorrei che per altro che un pieno recupero per Hillary!

(Ma, non è questa la Al Franken secolo?)

Ten Bears said...

I am impressed, Feud, though unsurprised. Sounds so much better, it does, though far more difficult to grasp, than 'the mass of humanity are maggots: a few will evolve and escape, the remaining will consume the host and die.

Tom Hilton said...

Well done, Mr. Yastreblyansky.

Never Ben Better said...

Thanks, sir, for this delightful antidote to the slavering pack of True Progressives(tm) elsewhere who are creaming their jeans at the prospect of Clinton's candidacy being destroyed by this, wallowing in dire diagnoses, and in general displaying full spectrum Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Never Ben Better said...

Oh, and Feud? Bravissimo!

Let us hope that on Election Day for Trump the accompaniment is Verdi's "Dies Irae".

For Clinton? Hmmmmm..... Maybe Schubert's "Ave Maria"?