Friday, September 02, 2016


You probably know about this:
Leaked Script Shows What Advisers Want Donald Trump to Say at Black Church

... Instead of speaking to the congregation at Great Faith Ministries International, Mr. Trump had planned to be interviewed by its pastor in a session that would be closed to the public and the news media, with questions submitted in advance. And instead of letting Mr. Trump be his freewheeling self, his campaign prepared lengthy answers for the submitted questions, consulting black Republicans to make sure he says the right things.

An eight-page draft script obtained by The New York Times ... includes the exact wording of answers the aides are proposing for Mr. Trump to give to questions about police killings, racial tension and the perception among many black voters that he and the Republican Party are racist, among other topics.
It's embarrassing that Trump can't do this off the cuff. But if any other politician were to follow a script in a similar situation, you'd at least expect the pol to memorize the canned words. Do you think Trump could even manage that? Do you think he has the attention span to memorize relatively brief answers to twelve interview questions?

So my guess is that he's going to do this interview with a teleprompter. Which might explain why this was the initial plan:
The interview will air about a week later on the Impact Network, Bishop Jackson’s Christian cable TV channel. The official said several Trump aides would work with the network to edit the taped interview so that the final version reflected the campaign’s wishes.
Though the New York Times scoop I'm quoting has been updated since it was originally posted yesterday:
(On Thursday night, [campaign communications advier Jason] Miller said the campaign would not edit the interview.)
Well, whatever. All I know is that when this interview finally airs, you should watch for teleprompter shadows -- although I'm sure Impact Network has been given speific instructions to watch for them.


Victor said...

Nobody could pay me enough money to watch this blithering ego-maniacal sociopath spout scripted moronic answers to questions he knows ahead of time.
And yeah, he'll have to read off a teleprompter.
He has less of an attention span than a Mayfly.

Maybe a couple of 100K's might suffice.
That would allow me to buy a great big HDTV, after I throw a brick through mine, while watching this 'Punch & Sycophantic Sucker' puppet show!

Victor said...

I can hardly wait until this idiotic election is over!
I hope I never see his bigoted "MORANs!!!" face again.
And if I do, I'm going to sue the network that has him on for a new HDTV!!!


Bruce Ruble said...

What happened to Trump's tour of Ben Carson's old Detroit neighborhood? I'd love to see a live stream of that.

Bruce Ruble said...
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KenRight said...

Otoh, perhaps the best leftist blogger in the United States notes

"Trump does not talk to these people like he despises them. (Neither does Bernie.)

Clinton does. She’s pandering, she knows it, and it comes through. The disdain drips."

Glennis said...

Ken Right, you are not exactly the authority on discerning emotions behind human expression, since you are the mark of a con-man. You've pretty much hit everything exactly wrong - you are the Bill Kristol of trolls.

Glennis said...

"Trump does not talk to these people like he despises them"

“How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

“Now if I lose Iowa, I will never speak to you people again, that I will tell you,”

KenRight said...

Liberals can't discern tough love.

Glennis said...

We can discern bullshit.