Sunday, September 04, 2016


The Clinton Foundation gets all the scrutiny from the press, but I think a nudge will be necessary before the press pays serious attention to the Trump Foundation's dealings in Florida:
... on September 1, news broke that the Trump Foundation “violated tax laws by giving a political contribution to a campaign group connected to Florida’s attorney general.” It was required to pay a $2500 fine to the IRS.

The details of the case are even more unseemly. Florida’s Attorney General was considering opening an investigation into Trump University, which is accused of defrauding students. Bondi herself contacted Trump and asked for a political contribution. After a political committee associated with her campaign received the illegal $25,000 contribution, she decided not to pursue it.

The story has something that none of the Clinton Foundation stories have: Actual evidence of illegal conduct. In this case, not only is there concrete evidence that the Trump Foundation broke the law, but a formal finding of wrongdoing by the IRS.
So far, the press certainly doesn't seem to have any inclination to mention it:

I think the Clinton campaign should make an ad about the Trump Foundation. It may not be a message that wins over voters in key states, but ads become news of their own these days, and maybe the slap in the face the media needs on this subject is a Clinton paid ad. God forbid the press should do its job without that prodding.

Meanwhile, at Mediaite, John Ziegler wonders why the press won't talk about Trump's birtherism.
So why has the media not obsessed over [this] issue ...?

... The more likely explanation is that the definition of “news” in our short-attention- span culture dictates that unless there is a compelling “hook” to discuss an issue on that particular day, then it just never happens (“Look, Trump just tweeted something weird!”). With that in mind, Trump deciding not to talk at all about this issue may be the smartest thing he has done in the general election. I will be curious to see whether the news media ultimately lets him get away with it.
Right -- throughout this campaign, Trump has said he won't talk about his birtherism, and the press has been completely deferential to his wish to avoid the subject. Also, the press covered the subject years ago, so why bring it up now? (The answer would seem obvious: because he wasn't running for president years ago, and his running for president now.)

I think it's pssoible that the Clinton campaign is saving up a birther ad for later in the campaign. It seems like something Team Clinton might want to remind voters of right before they go into the voting booth.

If so, that could be another example of the Clintonites doing what the press should be doing. It's not going to happen otherwise, is it?


Ken_L said...

Wednesday night's forum shaping up as important. If Hillary can be polished, knowledgeable and policy-oriented while Trump is incoherent, off-topic and ignorant, it might just be the trigger required to get the media paying attention to issues of substance.

Danp said...

For those who only read headlines, the news is "More revelations about Hillary's emails released", and "Hillary accuses Trump of hypocrisy." Which story would you read?

maxk1947 said...

If MSM would accept Trump-ian answers:
"How do you expect me to remember what happened two years ago?"
"I'm not familiar with this person who has been in the news for most of my life."
"I'm looking into that!"
"I said that five years ago, so I won't comment on it now."
without follow up, as they do, I bet Sec. Clinton would be happy to do a press conference every day!

When Trump blusters, they shut up; if Clinton did the same, they'd call her "shrill."

jsrtheta said...

This needs to be pressed every single fucking day. By blacking the story out, the press is sending the message that this is a non-story, and certainly nothing as scandalous as Hillary meeting with a Nobel Peace Prize winner she's known for 30 years, who had the poor judgment to donate to the Clinton Foundation to help, I don't know, do some good in the world?

Are you shitting me?

I have been a prosecutor in two different states, and whether an investigation should be conducted isn't even close. What is it with Florida? I have not yet looked up the statutes of limitation down there, but in the states I worked it's generally 3 years for felonies. Which means both of them could skate even if the charges could be proved. (Ironically, Trump may have kept a federal case against him alive by paying the fine.)

The elected attorney general personally calls Trump, knowing a complaint about his "university" had been made, then begs for money, receives money, and Poof! No investigation! Nothing to see here, go back to dealing with the flooding which isn't happening because climate change is a hoax.

Are you shitting me?

Unknown said...

I'm seeing that the media has a very low standard when it comes to Trump. If he says one reasonably sane thing he's the next coming of Reagan.

Never Ben Better said...

Hey, the media have to have their horse race, doncha know? Just HAVE to. So, since things have been going horribly wrong for Trump they've just GOT to find ways to drag Clinton down and get the race competitive again.