Thursday, September 29, 2016


You may have seen this news yesterday:
Trayvon Martin's Parents Sign Book Deal

... Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the parents of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose killing sparked a national firestorm about white violence against African-Americans, are writing a book titled Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin. The book will be published by Random House’s One World....

The book will hit shelves on Jan. 31, 2017, just ahead of what would have been Trayvon’s 22nd birthday on Feb. 5. The fifth anniversary of Martin’s killing will occur three weeks later, on Feb. 26.
The folks at Free Republican responded to the story in their useful tasteful fashion:
Is it going to be in cursive?


“The LIFE and Death of a Thug”. Won’t read.


Allow me to summarize the entire book:

We done raise him to be good

he wuz planning to enroll in community college, and was turning his life around

white people are rayciss.

The end.


Is he going to do signings. Just kidding, he probably couldn’t spell his name.


Obviously it will be ghost written by someone in the “Black Lives Matter” group. The narrative will probably be good for an additional riot or two.


Book? What, a cookbook for improvised narcotics? Are there really enough recipes for “Purple Drank” to fill a book?


Well, the audiobook might sell a few copies, but the book, not so much. The intended audience won’t be able to read it.


Is it going to be in comic book format with lots of pictures?


Parasitic thug breeders


Loweezy, we be gettin our Escalade.


We dun wonned da lottery!


The book section, along with Fathers’ Day cards (and work boots) remained untouched after the riots.


I thought the title would be How to Produce Worthless Trash At Home.


I have written proposals. There needs to be an audience. Eve n liberals will not buy propaganda and the BLM crowd probably haven’t bought two book total. The publisher is simply giving them money. This makes no business sense.


The publisher will be compensated by Soros for services rendered.

The parents were instrumental in providing the needed meme for Obama to create BLM.

Everyone's compensated.


So, the absentee parents of TM are now trying to cash in from the minority segment of the population?

I would suspect that only minorities will buy the book.

If that is true then the taxpayers will be buying the book for the minorities who are already on welfare, but, at least, the parents will not be on welfare anymore.


A coloring book?
Wow, there sure is a lot of anger on the right. Must be a reaction to economic displacement caused by globalization, right?


KenRight said...

Economic displacement caused by globalization can indeed lead to forced proximity to those whom the victimized do not share a camaraderie of ethnocentric positive unity.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Trump supporters love him for feeding them unvarnished racism and raw bigotry. Also the party of No Responsibility loves to blame Barack and HRC and for the Republicans fuckups

Victor said...

Thats the most verbose stupid and pedantic fucking "point" I have ever read!

Are you Bobo from the NYT's, moonlighting while on cheap hillbilly moonshine?

You don't need to try to prove how smart you are.

Unknown said...

Glennis said...


Anonymous said...

I just read that the other day, KenRetch, at Stormfront, a NAZI website. Attributed as a paraphrase of something both Mussolini and Hitler said. Are you a NAZI, cutting and pasting, plagiarizing, NAZI propaganda? Because like Confederates NAZIs are traitors. Ememies of the American People, enemies of the American way of life, and if not taken out back of the barn and fed to the pigs should be rounded up, at gun-point, and escorted to reservations out in the hinter-lands, preferably the moons of Uranus.

Would you care to step outside,goyim?

O'owlisn Amenheh
(Ten Bears)