Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cranky footnote to the post below this one

Once I post on this blog, I cannot get into the post and update or amend it, so I'm choosing this method to update the post below.

The Boston Globe is now reporting that Facebook has relented and decided to allow the horrifying picture of children fleeing a napalm attack may remain on Facebook after all.

How kind of Facebook.


Ten Bears said...

Just as lawns and greenswards are for people incapable of growing food, Facebook is for people lacking the wherewithal to blog.

Kombutki theater leaving the rubes with a vague sense of participation.

Yastreblyansky said...

It's a robot that did the original censorship, right? I can understand how it would happen, but the way they doubled down on it is astonishing.

Ten Bears is right, Facebook is a pious imitation of what it claims to be--.

Procopius said...

I'm more and more dissatisfied with the terms "above" and "below" when referring to blog posts and comment threads. In the "good old" Usenet News days, all the sensible readers sorted the threads from oldes to newest, with oldest at top and newest at bottom. When posting a response to an earlier comment it only made sense to refer to a comment "above." Now many blogs have really screwed things up by using a default of listing comments from newest to oldest. I like to read these things like conversations, and to know who said what and then who replied what to that, so if I have a choice I usually change the default whenever I'm reading comments there (why don't their cookies record that?).