Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Donald Trump's campaign woes became worse tonight with the release of a Fox News poll showing Hillary Clinton leading by 10. (In mid-May, Fox showed her trailing by 3.) Trump is in deep trouble, and he has no clue as to what might get him back in the race. All kinds of things can happen between now and November, and Trump still has the support of the majority of white voters and male voters, so he can't be counted out. But right now he looks like a near-certain loser in November.

If he does lose, is he going to blame himself? Of course not. A lot of people will get the blame -- but this portion of Breitbart's current front page may reveal the main argument he'll make to excuse his loss:

Mainstream pundits will be saying that it all began to go to pieces for Trump when he spent nearly a week attacking Khizr and Ghazala Khan for the speech Khizr Khan made at the Democratic convention. Trump will agree -- but he'll say he was dealt low blows, first by a man regarded in the Trumpite circles as a radical Islamist who'd like to replace the Constitution with sharia law, then by the Republican Party, which, as one of the headlines above argues, was "stupid to create a no-fire zone around" Khan. Stab in the back!

Meanwhile, in the near term, I wonder how Trump is going to explain his terrible numbers in the Fox poll. I wonder if he's going to see a conspiracy in the fact that his pal Roger Ailes was forced out at Fox, after which he sank in a Fox poll. Evil politically correct liberals are everywhere! They've completed their infilitration of Fox! Yeah, that might be his explanation.


jsk said...

A bit off topic, but I looked at the transcript of the WaPo interview. There's been a lot of reaction to his comments about the debates, the Khans, the prospect of a "rigged" election, but here's the first thing that jumped out at me:

[Trump looks at a nearby television, which was tuned to Fox News.] Oh, did they have another one of these things go down? It’s terrible that crash. Never liked that plane, structurally. I never thought that plane could —

A potential human disaster, and the first thing that comes to Trump's 'mind' is: here's a chance to show that I'm always fking right, that I knew it all along!. And that's even assuming it were true that he had "never liked that plane," which is probably BS he made up on the spot.

Stellours said...

What do they mean by a 'fire wall' around Trump?

I'm also glad that more and more is coming out about how Trump rambles and constantly says how great he is - he can't even follow his own thought. For too long all the media reported was just the one - two sentences that made it sound like he talked like that all the time. If you listen to one of his rallies, he just rambles the whole time.

Glennis said...

Trump is the "oh, squirrel!" candidate.