Saturday, August 13, 2016


RedState today:

RedState, November 23, 2015:

The point of today's article is that -- ha ha! -- the leader of Hezbollah agrees with Trump. ("Trump is desperately in need of allies, but I'm not exactly sure how well this one is going to work out for him. Because, you know, Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and all that.") But RedState writer streiff agreed with Trump before the fact -- or, to be precise, agreed with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev:
During a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Medvedev laid blame for ISIS, and one must say for the attending chaos, squarely upon the narrow, unmanly shoulders of Barack Obama:
"The strengthening of the Islamic State became possible partially due to irresponsible policies of the United States. Instead of concentrating joint efforts on fighting terrorism, the United States and its allies decided to fight against the lawfully elected president of Syria Bashar Assad," Medvedev told journalists.
That is a huge claim. And it is made by a Russian. But we are beyond the political state where we can laugh at a statement made by Russians because over the past five or so years we've seen much more truth about the actions of the Obama administration coming from Russia than coming from the White House.
So SOMEONE at RedState agreed with Trump nine months ago, and that SOMEONE agreed with the Russians.


Victor said...

Putin once said something nice about tRUMP.

And now, tRUMPS's enamored and in thrall to RUSSIA'S leader!

In prior decades, any Presidential candidate who sidled-up to Russia, would have been DOA in the election.

But these are different times, my friends.
tRUMP want's to BE LIKE Putin.
A strong-man who does whatever he feels like, jails whoever he feels like, or kills whoever he feels like.

tRUMP is the MOST UN-AMERICAN Presidential candidate of all time.

Leave it to his cling-on licking/nibbling minions, to justify him.

KenRight said...

Hezbollah nor Hamas for that matter are classified as terrorist by Russia, China or much of Europe.

Unknown said...

Take it up with Red State, Ken.

Maxwell's Demon said...

Seriously? "...narrow unmanly shoulders..." WTF is the matter with these junior high dropouts. Especially considering Obama could likely kick the ass of the clown who wrote that, or anyone else in that sub-basement.

Ten Bears said...

Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas are "terrorist" organizations, they are social organizations providing the critical services their Fascist government does not. In fact denies.

jsrtheta said...

You know, fuck these guys. And for once, please a little pushback from the media on how Obama withdrew our troops early from Iraq.

Yeah, I understand, if only Obama had negotiated to keep our troops there with no legal immunity. Where I come from, the response would be "Are you fucking kidding me?" But okay, waive that false flag.

The bottom line is we got our troops out on George W Bush's schedule, under the withdrawal date he negotiated before Obama took office. The media neglects to say this every fucking time. Would someone, for once, remind the world of that?

Here's what you're missing, media: Every time these idiots vomit absolute falsehoods on you, and you respond by addressing only a couple of nuggets of the vomitus, the ones you leave lying suddenly become transformed into "Absolute Truth."

So quit with this approach of "We don't have time to chase down every lie Trump tells" and substitute "The presumption is that every single fucking word out of this guy's mouth is a lie, so it's up to him to point out those rare occasions when he accidentally tells the truth." (You know. Like when he says, "There's an election in November."

That way, you can save yourselves from having to confront your lie-abetting habits when you look in the mirror. Not that that would make any difference. Idiots like you would simply look at thermonuclear war as a chance to say, "But the fault doesn't lie with Trump alone. Obviously, Hillary - WHAT THE FU-?"

(Silence.) (Apologies to Harold Pinter.)

Grung_e_Gene said...

So, KenRight is a Friend of Hamas?

The joy of being a conservative; no memory, no need to worry about History and the unequaled ability to hold contradictory positions in one's head and fanatically assert whichever one hurts his most hated enemy, Liberals!

KenRight said...

You're the contradicted one.
America has no friends nor enemies in the Mideast.
I mean the organic nation America, not the Empire.
As for Hamas, Iran has been friend then enemy then friend of Hamas according to their own needs.
Israel in fact subsidized Hamas at its inception to weaken the then more powerful enemy PLO.

You see it that way because of your honest concession-and thank you for it:
Liberal interventionism is a poison that needs to be destroyed. By whomever can do so or is left with the challenge of doing so.

Yastreblyansky said...

Bravo, Steve, this one's a classic.

Steve M. said...


Unknown said...

Ken writes: "Liberal interventionism is a poison that needs to be destroyed."

So.... Cheney and Bush were liberals?

And Obama's electoral mandate to get out of Iraq is, what, conservative?

Please help. It's getting confusing.

Victor said...

Yes, KenRight,
Those "liberal" Middle East policiies ànd interventions by "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Bush were sure nonsense!

If only they were conservatives...


Procopius said...

Information about what the U.S. was doing in Syria since 2006 has trickled out slowly, but surely. The DIA sent a memo, which has since been declassified, to State in 2012, warning that support for "moderate" rebel factions like Jabhat al Nusra (al Qaeda) could lead to extreme jihadist participation in the civil war. The State Department policy was that al Qaeda is our ally against Assad and the future will take care of itself. This information is available, although I'm too lazy to track down links. Of course saying that Obama is the founder of ISIL is absurd, but the record is pretty clear that American policy in the area has been, and continues to be, pretty counter-productive. It's also pretty clear that there is not much difference in the policies followed by SoS Clinton from those recommended by VP Dick Cheney.

"So SOMEONE at RedState agreed with Trump nine months ago, and that SOMEONE agrred [sic] with the Russians." You sound as if agreeing that the Russians tell us more about what our government is doing than our own government does is a bad thing.

Procopius said...

@Victor: "tRUMP [sic] is the MOST UN-AMERICAN Presidential candidate of all time." I don't know how old you are. I was in high school during the McCarthy Hearings and the heyday of the HUAC. The accusation that someone is "unAmerican" is, to me, the last refuge of fascist scoundrels.

Victor said...

I'm 58, so I just missed "Tailgunner Joe's" era.

But that miasmatic gas-bag was never the GOP candidate for POTUS, like tRUMP, now was he (it)?

Glennis said...

You want fascist scoundrel? I'll give you Donald Trump.