Thursday, August 25, 2016


CBS News, September 11, 2015:
Donald Trump says that if he's elected, it would only take his administration up to two years to deport all the undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States.

"I think it's a process that can take 18 months to two years if properly handled," Trump said in a conference call with members of the Alabama Republican Party late Thursday night.
Washington Post last night:
... judging from many rally-goers here in Tampa on Wednesday and at an event Tuesday in Austin, many rank-and-file voters will give Trump relatively broad latitude to alter the parameters of his immigration policies.

... Tom Van Camp mentioned the candidate’s appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel program Monday night, when Trump said that he would do “the same thing” that President Obama has done when it comes to illegal immigrants who have not committed crimes.

“These existing laws -- which can be enforced -- will do the same thing” as Trump has been calling for, Tom Van Camp said. “It’ll still kick people out.”

“Starting with the dangerous folks is smart,” he added. “It’s not going to be easy. In fact, I predict it’ll take the full length of his first term to get it done.”
So, last September, Trump said he could kick every undocumented immigrant out in a year and a half to two years. Now at least one of his supporters thinks it will take him four years just to deport the criminals among the undocumented -- and the supporter is fine with that.

The Trumpers are never going to be disilluioned as long as he keeps promising to build the wall:
Donald Trump may have hinted recently that he intends to soften his tough immigration stances, but he sure didn’t sound that way speaking to several thousand supporters in Tampa on Wednesday.

... The speech prepared Wednesday included no mention of Mexico or building a wall, but it didn’t take much encouragement from the crowd for Trump to go there.

“Oh, we’re going to build a wall, don’t you worry about it!” he said to cheers. “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for the wall 100 percent. And it’s going to be a big wall, it’s going to be a real wall. It’s going to be as beautiful as a wall can be, but it’s going to be a wall. And we’re going to have protection for tunnels.”
Because, in the fans' view, that alone will solve so many problems that it won't be necessary to deport all of the undocumented:
Emilio Beru, 38, of Carrollwood, emigrated to Florida from Peru in 1998, and said he thinks Trump toning down his rhetoric makes sense. Not all immigrants are criminals, he said, many are hardworking, tax-paying citizens.

“That’s why Trump is making that distinction, he’s starting to see more and more that it’s not just Hispanics causing problems, it’s Europeans and ISIS crossing into our borders,” he said. “We need to build a wall, to protect the American citizens who came from all over the world.”
Yes, ISIS terrorists won't come in from Europe and the Middle East if we build a wall on the Mexican border. Or something like that.

Trump's flip-flopping may have upset Ann Coulter, but rank-and-file Trumpers don't care, as long as Trump's rhetoric is still angry and punitive at least some of the time -- and as long as he doesn't flip-flop on the wall. If the wall goes, that'll be the end of the line for Trump.


Victor said...

"Yes, ISIS terrorists won't come in from Europe and the Middle East if we build a wall on the Mexican border. Or something like that."

This is consistent with modern Conservatism.
It's like invading and occupying Iraq, when the 9/11 terrorists were mostly from Saudi Arabia.

Sure, Dumbaya & Dick wanted their oil - Operation Iraqi Liberty, anyone? - but they also wanted to show the Thomas Friedman's in the US, that we'd hit a Middle East country, because we COULD!

Feud Turgidson said...

It's gonna be like Spinal Tap's Goth phase tour, except rather than a tiny child's dollhouse-sized Stonehenge, it'll be a itsy bitsy wall of single matchbox-sized partitions stretched across the southern borders of each of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California with Mexico.

And on the U.S. side will be poised thousands of disordered white male neck-tattoo'd gun nuts each armed to the teeth and itching to blow even a curious roadrunner to smithereens.

And Trump will skim all conceivable profits from the project's funding before even a single partition goes up.

Ten Bears said...

I'm all for a wall, from Eureka California to Eureka Montana!

Unknown said...

Terrorists are going to come in on visitor's visas, are we going to stop issuing visas?

Anonymous said...

ISIS came into being just a few years ago. Has anyone with ties to ISIS been admitted into the US since then? As far as I know the incidents of terrorism in the US where ISIS has been evoked were done by people who had nothing to do with ISIS or terrorism before they entered the country. That's the meaning of "becoming radicalized." And have any people who entered as refugees done anything untoward? These things that the Trumplings say to each other have nothing to do with reality.

Joey Blau said...

The best part is... Trump does not even have to build the wall!! Just keep talking about it..brag about it..spend some funding on studies and build a small sample near San Diego and el Paso...