Friday, July 08, 2016


Not only did Donald Trump post a relatively mild and evenhanded response to the Dallas police shootings...
Last night’s horrific execution-style shootings of 12 Dallas law enforcement officers -- five of whom were killed and seven wounded - is an attack on our country. It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe.

We must restore law and order. We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.

The senseless, tragic deaths of two people in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done.

This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims’ families....
But his campaign rebuked a state campaign chairman who was more inflammatory:
As Donald J. Trump canceled his campaign events in Miami and released a statement in response to the Dallas shootings, his campaign’s Virginia state chairman took to social media and explicitly blamed Hillary Clinton for them.

Corey Stewart, who is also reported to be planning a run for governor in Virginia in 2017, posted on Facebook as news of the shooting was breaking.

“Liberal politicians who label police as racists -- specifically Hillary Clinton and Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam -- are to blame for essentially encouraging the murder of these police officers tonight,” Mr. Stewart wrote.

The Trump campaign condemned Mr. Stewart’s comments.

“Corey does not speak for the campaign and this is not something we agree with,” Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman, wrote in an email.
You can't blame Stewart for thinking he was in sync with his candidate -- in the past, he's threatened to deport Trump rally disrupters who happen to be undocumented, and he's joined Trump in denouncing the judge in the Trump University case, misidentifying an organization the judge belongs to:
Stewart told The Washington Post on Thursday that he sides with Trump. And like the Trump campaign, he criticized [U.S. district judge Gonzalo] Curiel for supposed membership in the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group.

But Curiel is not a member of the National Council of La Raza. He belongs to the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, an unrelated professional group for Latino lawyers.

Stewart refuses to see the distinction.

“La Raza is a sleazy organization that works to keep criminal illegal immigrants in our neighborhoods,” Stewart wrote on Facebook. “Don’t blame Trump at all for not wanting this judge, who is a member of this disreputable organization, from presiding over his case. He could never be impartial.”
That apparently was fine with the Trump campaign. But not this.

What happened? What have they done with the real Donald Trump?

Maybe it's Newt Gingich's influence -- shockingly, he's also being reasonable about police killings of black people:

But there are still ugly thoughts emanating from Trump World:
Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Trump’s son, also has been active on social media since the shooting, retweeting Joe Walsh, the former congressmen and current radio host, sharing a news article that reported that Black Lives Matter protesters had been calling for the killing of police officers on Twitter.

And Trump's fans on Facebook aren't being measured -- they're preparing for a race war:


I can't believe Trump is going to avoid diving into the gutter -- Ivanka and Jared and Paul Manafort may be keeping him in check for now, but he really help himself.

Here's what I predict: Hillary Clinton will be the first candidate to respond at length, and she'll win some praise for what she says. And it will drive Trump nuts. He won't be able to stop himself. He'll let loose, and we'll learn what he really thinks about all this. Which won't be pretty.


Feud Turgidson said...

Steve M. I agree toadily. He might make this Phony Pivot seem to last a bit longer simply because the RNC is loomingg. My sense is it's getting to him and eating up a huge percent of his waking hours.

Then he'll need a rest, because IMO the Cavs Win isn't going to turn that into a love fest or prevent anything much: there will be blood.

He's too volatile and reactionary a person to make fine predictions: tell me what's going to happen,then I'll tell you what he's likely to do.

mlbxxxxxx said...

Gingrich: "It took me a long time..."

Why does it take someone, who otherwise seems more or less intelligent, "a long time" to understand this problem? I submit that if the stats showed instead that police were more likely to pull you over and beat/shoot you to death if you have a jesus fish sticker on your car or a cross around your neck, Gingrich and his type would have gotten it a long time ago. And it is not just because it is or is not happening in their world. It just takes them a long time to give credibility to the experience of certain kinds of people. One might call them "blah" people.

I mean, kudos to Newt for finally getting it, but I think he'd "get" a lot of things if he and his compatriots would first address their underlying problem which is racism. If you start with the proposition that we are all the same -- even those folk living over in that other not-so-nice neighborhood -- it isn't a stretch to get pissed off when you read about people getting pulled over for little or nothing and then ending up dead. Otherwise it takes "a long time" and people have to convince you that's a bad thing.

If police were targeting xtians or white dudes the way they do black people, the events of last night in Dallas would be called "watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants."

Gerald Parks said...

Don't be fooled by these remarks!
Timeing is everything.
The American peoples are paying attention and the GOP/Republican are well aware of this and are "expecting" MSM to treat these extremists as if everything said and done by them up to this point in the presidential campaign did not happen!
These people are white supremacist and will do whatever they can to be elected to the presidency!

Jack Curtin said...

Trump has already made his move but been rebuffed...

KenRight said...

You will notice that Gingrich offers no plan of "fixing it" even though he himself has been amiably? separated and divorced a few times.
Or perhaps he prefers submission. It's not Jack Kemp's right anymore, it's Pat Buchanan's.

Unknown said...

Hillary was just on with Wolf Blitzer then Lester Holt (who she mildly smacked around) and sounded...perfect. I thought. Your last paragraph about Trump losing it? When he sees Lester Holt being tough and Hillary easily handling it he will explode. Guaranteed.

Victor said...

They may have tranquilized him for now, but he'll bust out - big time!

This is too hot an issue for him to keep his sociopathic yap shut for long!!!

petrilli said...

Maybe he just finished a big blood meal and felt a little sluggish.

main street liberal said...

"Relatively mild and evenhanded?"

Steve, I never thought you were so easy, especially because this evaluation smacks of the normalization of Donald Trump you (justifiably) fear the media will advance.

When Trump says the Dallas atrocity is an "attack on our country" and "coordinated" (without hard evidence), he's preparing to attack Barack Clinton for not responding to protect us all. Once a President Trump declares something an "attack on our country" and "coordinated," there is no going back. We must defend our honor and retaliate or risk losing face.

"We must restore law and order?" Crime has been dropping, not rising, in the USA. But that's contrary to his narrative, in which America must be made great "again," to glorious pre-Obama days. The reference, moreover, to "law and order" isn't original- it was done to great effect by Richard Nixon, who practiced the politics of fear and racial division. Trump is bringing it back.

Leo Artunian said...

main street liberal -

Thanks for your post. I'm old enough so that several phrases in both Trump's and Gingrich's statements made me uneasy. And just who -- besides Gingrich -- would ever use a term like "if you're a normal Caucasian"? What the Hell is that even supposed to mean?

Feud Turgidson said...

Leo Artunian Newt's phrasing does at least suggest a fun Online Avatar Name: Norm L. Koch, Asian.

Never Ben Better said...

LOL, petrilli! Nice one.