Friday, July 08, 2016


There was an ambush massacre of cops in Dallas last night at the end of what had been a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. For some reason, one ex-deadbeat-dad congressman's response is trending on Twitter and making the news:
As violence erupted in downtown Dallas during a deadly ambush on police, one ex-Congressman immediately blamed President Obama -- and threatened his life.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh declared "war" on Obama and Black Lives Matter protesters in a now-deleted tweet during the Dallas chaos....

... He deleted the tweet after fierce backlash, and later wrote that he "wasn't calling for violence, against Obama or anyone."

However, that didn't stop him from targeting the President and protesters in a series of hateful tweets spewed over four hours.
Yeah, Walsh fired off a lot of tweets in response to this. "When Obama goes after cops it opens the door for anti cop rhetoric and action." "10 Cops shot. You did this Obama. You did this liberals. You did this #BLM." "Obama says Cops are racist so 2 uneducated black thugs shoot 10 Dallas Cops tonight, killing 4. Wake up silent majority. Stand w our Cops." "It's time 4 patriotic Americans to stand up & stand against all the Cop haters - from Obama to the thugs on the street."

But I don't know why Walsh is being singled out. He's far from alone. Here's Pam Geller:
Obama’s racist campaign of division and discord exploded tonight in Dallas, Texas just hours after he made a hate speech inciting to violence.
And Matthew Vadum at FrontPage Mag:
Is the race war Barack Obama wanted breaking out in Dallas and across America?

... President Barack Obama, who a decade ago promoted inter-racial warfare in Kenya, has long tried to provoke civil unrest here in the U.S. with his hateful anti-cop rhetoric and his relentless demonization of opponents. His goal is fundamental transformation of the United States. A Red diaper baby who identifies violence-espousing communist Frantz Fanon as an intellectual influence, he has also steadfastly refused to condemn the explicitly racist, violent Black Lives Matter movement. In fact Obama has lavished attention on the movement’s leaders and invited them to the White House over and over again.
And full-time provocateur and part-time Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, a frequent Fox News guest:

And Wayne Allyn Root, a right-wing pundit and onetime Trump rally emcee:

And various randos:

And Christ, we haven't even heard from Trump yet.

Walsh is a loathsome SOB, but he's being unfairly singled out. The notion that these shootings were Obama's fault will be mainstream on the right very soon. There'll be members of Congress who say this. There'll be state and local Republicans who call for Obama arrest or impeachment or execution.

I'm angry about what happens to too many black people at the hands of bad cops. Nevertheless, what happened in Dallas last night was despicable. But if you hate the president more than you hate the people who actually shot those cops, you're a disgrace.


Lit3Bolt said...

Race War narrative sells in America.

If you don't mind the occasional backlash, you too can enjoy a comfy sinecure by writing Turner Diary fanfiction.

Victor said...

Shooting from rooftops?
Guns with large magazines?

I don't know, sounds like the doings of white guys hoping the BLM protesters take the fall.

I may be wrong.

No matter who's at fault, this is a beyond-horrible story.

Victor said...

It looks like I was SOOOOOOO wrong!

I just saw a photo of one of he suspects, and he ain't white!

This stupid and violent deed serves no purpose, let alone the help plight of black people stopped by cops.
If they were indeed black, the snipers have just increased the likelihood of police shooting MORE black people, not less!

Jen S said...

If it's Smiling Black Guy in Camo Holding a Gun, he's been cleared.

trnc said...

Why was Walsh singled out? His call to wingnuts to assassinate the president.

"Watch out, Obama... The real America is coming after you."

All of your other examples blame President Obama, but they don't make an appeal to action like Walsh's does.

Grung_e_Gene said... is a sewer.

Ten Bears said...

An amateurish yet successful tactical assault on a soft target, here more likely of passion and opportunity than premeditation, is both the textbook definition of terrorism and, Lit, straight out of the Turner Diaries. That the suspects in custody are said to be black may well be a textbook definition of irony.

Unfortunately, Vic is right. This isn't going to stop (white) cops from killing black (or brown or Red) people. Most likely it increased the statistical probabilities of more deaths by significant percentage points.

This is just the beginning.

KenRight said...

I've heard a talk show reactionary much in the spirit of perspective you dislike say "stay in Poland, Obama."

No, Obama does not belong in Poland acting in his most important role as Russophobic NATO-enforcing lackey of Anglo-Imperialism. Were he a true statesmen he would have rushed home but not before saying "look, America is not The Indispensable Nation anymore, regardless of what Madeleine Albright and my associate Vickie "fuck the EU" Nuland say.
Obviously we have herculean problems to solve at home and we can no longer and should no longer wreak havoc in eastern Europe and the Mideast under the pretense our hegemony offers something qualitative. When Minnesota and Baton Rouge and Dallas show we do not.
Work out a deal with Moscow. You too Paris, Berlin.
We are going to get our own house in order; we can obviously not get
Warsaw's, Baghdad's Kabul's or Kiev's."