Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Donald Trump has an election he's trying to win, but he still managed to take time out of his busy schedule today to help out an old friend enemy friend:
Hours after news broke that former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson had filed a "sexual harassment/retaliation" lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump appeared by phone for a rare interview on Carlson’s former show, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.

Trump appeared on The Real Story only twice from May 1, 2015, through May 3, 2016, for a total of 19 minutes and 13 seconds, according to a Media Matters analysis. By contrast, during the same period Trump spent more than eight hours on Fox & Friends and more than 17 hours on Hannity....

An hour before the news of Carlson’s complaint broke, Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle tweeted that she would be hosting the program, which would feature “special guest” Trump. As ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum noted, such a daytime Fox appearance is unusual for Trump, suggesting “an effort to spike ratings post-Carlson.”

So presumably Ailes got in touch with Trump, gave his side of the story (that Carlson sued because he didn't renew her contract, a move he made strictly because she had low ratings); Trump agreed to help Ailes prove that the ratings in Carlson's old time slot are better without her -- by artificially pumping them up for her replacement. Whatever.

Trump is unhinged right now -- I missed his speech tonight, but I've seen excerpts and read descriptions like this:

And after the speech he was still trying to settle scores:

All he wants to do right now is pick fights. I suppose it's conceivable that he'll start using his campaign speeches (or his Twitter feed) to defend Ailes and trash Carlson. Maybe he'll conclude that there's some nefarious connection between her suit and the Clinton campaign. I don't think much of anything is beyond the realm of possibility for him right now.


Tom239 said...

'Unhinged' implies being hinged beforehand. :)

Victor said...

Is it me, or does Ailes remind anyone else of that great, but perverted film director, Alfred Hitchcock?

Ten Bears said...

I find the come hither look on that little girl's face far more disturbing than some stupid star. If it were a five point the rubes would salivate Pavlovianly over the implied satanic pentagram. The stupid has just about hit bedrock.

Ho-hum, it's not like a creepy old misogynous, racist homophobic (white) man hasn't sexually harassed a hot little come hither girl is his employ as an integral part of the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox Kool-Aid before.


Unknown said...

Although no two snowflakes are identical, they all share hexagonal symmetry.

Jeff said...

Victor says:

Is it me, or does Ailes remind anyone else of that great, but perverted film director, Alfred Hitchcock?

Someone said that over on LGM. I'd say Hitchcock was better looking. And Ailes doesn't do cameos on Fox & Friends.

BroD said...

"Ailes doesn't do cameos on Fox & Friends."
Well there's something to ge thankful for I guess.

Stephen Green said...

Every time I see Kimberly Guilfoyle's name, I'm reminded of what she does for a living and that she once was married to Gavin Newsom and wonder just how the hell that ever came about.