Thursday, July 14, 2016


Everyone knows that Barack Obama is the worst person on earth because bad things happen in the world and he still insists on playing golf. Golf! The nerve!

The party that never stops telling us how awful Obama is for playing golf is about to nominate a presidential candidate who not only owns golf courses, and who not only interrupted his campaign for an overseas golf course photo op, but who also plans to appear (apparently for a full hour) on the Golf Channel on Monday, the first night of the Republican convention:
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will join David Feherty for an exclusive interview in an all-new episode of Feherty, airing next Monday, July 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Golf Channel....

The interview, which took place at Trump’s Manhattan apartment residence on Wednesday, June 22, covers a wide spectrum of topics -- both political and personal, and of course golf -- including:

-Why he doesn’t consider himself a politician

-U.S. Presidents playing golf

-Whether or not he will use a teleprompter at the Republican National Convention

-Reaction to the PGA TOUR’s decision to move its World Golf Championship (WGC) event from Trump’s Doral property in Miami to Mexico

-Distrust for the media: Trump -- “The media to me is one of the most dishonest groups of people I’ve ever dealt with.”

-Golf’s return to the Olympic Games: Trump -- “I think it’s a great thing for golf, having it in the Olympics”

-An admiration for professional golfers, including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and today’s current wave of young stars

-His recent trip to Scotland for the reopening of Turnberry

-What’s next if he doesn’t win the presidential nomination
Wait -- what? "What’s next if he doesn’t win the presidential nomination"? Should that have been "election," or does Trump really believes he might still have the nomination taken from him?

I don't really care because that's not going to happen in Cleveland -- riots maybe, murders perhaps, but not an anti-Trump coup.

In any case, it looks as if Trump spends a lot of time talking about golf. It's been a terrible, horrible thing for a president to talk about sports on television ever since, oh, January 20, 2009, but apparently those days are over.

Feherty, Trump's interviewer, is an ex-golfer born in Northern Ireland who's recast himself as a funnyman. I haven't gotten very far into an earlier Trump interview he did, but here's one of the first things he says to Trump (at about 3:53):

Well, normally I bring my guests some kind of a gift, and in your case I thought it would be appropriate if I brought an inflatable Rosie O'Donnell. The problem is that we started inflating her a couple of days ago and she's not ready yet.... So w'll have to wait. And another issue is whether or not we can get her in the elevator.
Rosie O'Donnell fat jokes! Har-har! No wonder this guy's show is the Golf Channel's highest-rated original series.

The preview clips for the upcoming broadcast aren't much, though Feherty does say to Trump that many people consider him "a bit of an a-hole." Trump agrees. If Trump were a Democrat and fielded that question that way, a hundred right-wing opinion pieces would follow fretting over the desecration of the office of the president under our Kenyan usurper.

But this is Trump, so it's all good.


Victor said...


Ike lived to golf.
People were ok with that.

Nixon golfed, and he sucked at it.
No one complained.

Reagan, didn't.
No one complained about him not playing.

"Papa Doc" Bush played.
No big deal.

Clinton played, and conservates tits were uproared!
"How could he play, when there's so much to do?!?!"

"Baby Doc" Bush played golf all of the time - when he wasn't out there on his faux ranch, cutting shrub.
He famously, after a quick terror update on a golf course, said "Now watch this drive!"
And the only people who bitched, were we libtards.
Conservatives said, 'Hey, even the POTUS needs a break!'

That same courtesy was not extended to the Kenyan SocialiFasciCommuniAtheiMuslim Nigrah Usurper who followed "Baby Doc."

Maybe if Obama served as the caddy, they'd be ok with that.

Never Ben Better said...

Yes, Victor, Barack belongs on the golf course only as a caddy, and Michelle should enter the White House through the back door, coming onto her maid shift.

Then they'd belong there.

Ken said...

I enjoy the Irish emigre as a golf announcer, but with this interview... fuck Feherty.

AllieG said...

I would estimate that the Golf Channel audience votes roughly 95 percent Republican and has since their first votes, which were for Ike.

Feud Turgidson said...

Heard he had brain trauma, bad concussion, didn't take any advice or treatment despite symptons over months to years, and turned from being a iconoclast into being this regular rightwing turdswallow.

AllieG said...

I don't know about that stuff. I know Feherty is a recovering alcoholic, and moved to Texas and became a US citizen at least a decade ago. There aren't six Democrats Feherty has ever met. You can bet Golf Channel will never have him interview Obama, also a golfer.

Belvoir said...

Makes sense that David Feherty is an utter asshole, considering he's a Protestant Unionist from Northern Ireland. My mother is from Derry, in Northern Ireland. I grew up knowing how brutish and stupid and evil Unionists there can be. Saw it with my own eyes as kid there in 1977, it was a police state, it was occupied, barbed wire everywhere, every citizen harrassed, patted down, searched, hassled by the army. Really dreadful times. Catholics were abused and persecuted and singled out for aggression and abuse. Makes sense that Trump should make common cause with this awful golf fucko.

Ten Bears said...

The only thing dumber than golf is NASCAR.

Oh. I'm sorry, was I politically incorrect? The only thing more environmentally disruptive than golf, millions of people driving around in a big circle in an artificial environment chasing a little white ball, is millions of Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox Kool-Aid addled rubes pumping toxic vapors into the atmosphere coverging to watch white punks on dope drive around in circles at high speeds to pump toxic vapors into the atmosphere.

I don't think we're gonna' make it.

Anonymous J said...

Michelle should enter the White House through the back door, coming onto her maid shift !!

Dark Avenger said...

You can drink your neurons and other parts of your brain into oblivion very easily in a decade or so before becoming a reformed drunk, as my mother would say.

Anyway, it will be the women and minority votes that will save the pasty-assed white liberals from their ineptitude, myself included in that reckoning once again.

TB, don't you sometimes wish the old stories about mankind emerging from underground were real? Cause some of us are ready to go back.

Ten Bears said...

What if they are real? We're Planet B discovered and we somehow escape the degradation we've wrought, would that not be climbing through a hole in the sky 😉?

Dark Avenger said...

Trump as a spy for the Mole Men makes a lot of sense