Monday, May 16, 2016


Here's a cultural trend I wasn't aware of until today:
In Idaho’s northernmost legislative district, Republican Party politics has been pulled farther to the right in recent years with the rise of the tea party.

But now a new element is pushing the party farther still: the arrival of conservative Christian “preppers” fleeing more populated states, who see the region as a “redoubt” – a place to settle and defend themselves when the whole country goes bad.

The “American Redoubt” push, which targets Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and eastern Washington and Oregon for a “political migration” movement, was declared by survivalist author and blogger James Wesley Rawles in 2011. On his “survivalblog” website he writes, “I’m inviting people with the same outlook to move to the Redoubt States, to effect a demographic solidification. We’re already a majority here. I’d just like to see an even stronger majority.”
Conservative Republicans are being driven out of office by far more conservative Republicans:
Two years ago, two ultraconservative state legislators were elected from the district: Reps. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay. Now, longtime Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint – the state’s longest-serving senator and the newly named co-chair of the Legislature’s powerful joint budget committee – is being challenged hard from the right in the primary.
And this is being driven by True Patriots who absolutely despise the vast majority of America and just want a safe space, so to speak, where they can live their lives, homeschool their kids, shoot their guns, and prepare for the Apocalypse:
Don Bradway, who lives just north of Coeur d’Alene, arrived almost five years ago “from what I call the occupied zone, which is California.” He said he came seeking a safe place and “like-minded people.”

“I make no bones about the fact I’m a conservative Christian and I like being around other people who think the way I do,” he said. Bradway, who is retired, estimated he’s met easily 100 other new arrivals who followed the same path, including many from California. He’s active in local politics, as are many, and was elected to the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee....

Bradway is convinced that a looming disaster, whether it’s a major earthquake or a financial collapse, will turn America’s cities into “just a mass of chaos,” with rioting and anarchy. “I know people who’ve said, ‘I’m looking for something that’s defensible, if the teeming hordes come surging out of Spokane,’” Bradway said.
Beware the teeming hordes from -- gasp! -- Spokane!

The politicians who appeal to these "redoubt"-seekers have ideas that seem extreme even to the local Republicans:
Glenn Rohrer ... said he has lots of issues, but there are two he’s pushed the hardest: opposition to federal funds being part of Idaho’s overall state spending – as it is in all 50 states, due to federal funds for things like highways, school lunches and Medicaid – and his opposition to a child support enforcement bill that prompted a special session of the Legislature in 2015. The governor called that session after a handful of House conservatives killed the bill in committee, threatening the state’s entire child-support enforcement system by rejecting federal standards for dealing with cases that cross international borders. In the special session, the bill passed.
Incase you're ondering, that child support bill initially failed was opposed because ultra-rightists thought it would have made Idaho subject to sharia law.

This is a growing movement. We're told about
real estate brokers reaching out to people who want to relocate to the American Redoubt. An online “Redoubt Realty” service offers to refer people to real estate agents in the state they’re eyeing. Another website, based in North Idaho, offers “News for the American Redoubt.”
Here's a site called American Redoubt Realty. This company can help you with "strategic relocation":
... the Strategic Relocation of you and your family will be based upon your personal decision to lead your family to a safe haven in a region that proclaims to be a bastion of personal liberty, the American Redoubt.

There are many personal reasons for relocation to the Core Redoubt states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Generally, everyone simply wants to be left to live their lives, as they deem fit, free from state and local governmental regulations and taxes....

If you are tired of being required to pay a fee (tax) to build a home, add on an addition to your existing home, drive on a public road, jump through hoops to register a vehicle (smog check, inspections), go through lengthy background checks to purchase a firearm or ammunition, are taxed because of the view off your front porch, are disgusted at what is being taught in your public school, or simply are tired of being in traffic all day, then you are a candidate to begin your strategic relocation....

Now is the time to wake up and decide that no matter what happens you are going to lead you and your family to freedom and leave tyranny behind!
But, American Redoubt Realty, how do I know if my new home is safe?
There are many factors that are determined whether a retreat property is safe. Defending your property and family is a right that is respected and never questioned in the American Redoubt. You should feel comfortable knowing that you’ll be leaving behind the tyrannical jackbooted thugs from your old State, when you complete your Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt!

At American Redoubt Realty Inc., we pride ourselves in a rigorous selection process for our referral clients. We do this to insure we work with folks that respect the values of freedom and equality that America guarantees and the American Redoubt region provides.

We defer our client’s technical questions about the defensibly of certain properties to our affiliated consulting firm, Survival Retreat Consulting. They can prepare detailed reports on each property you wish to see as you move towards your Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt.
Verretts Tactical offers classes to both our Clients and Law Enforcement here in the American Redoubt. Contact them for a schedule and take a class while visiting the area looking for your new rural property! From beginners to their advanced Terrorism Threat Response Course, they have you covered!
I live in Manhattan. There's actually been terrorism here. I think these people are nuts. But what do I know? They're Real Americans, and I'm just a disgusting urban liberal.

Oh well -- at least I'm not from Spokane.

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Feud Turgidson said...

What makes it work is that Spokane's not exactly Fortress Lefty. It's nothing remotely like Seattle or Portland, or Tacoma or Eugene. I'd put it right of Sacramento, and maybe even Bakersfield ... okay, not LONG HAUL TRUCKER Bakersfield, or Issaland down around San Diego. Spokane COULD well be left of Wichita, Tulsa, Ok City, and probably Logan Utah.

What's 'gone wrong' in Spokane, so I've been told by some locals, is the success of the Gonzaga University Bulldogs basketball team and the Chiefs junior hockey team: too many brown types, Yurpees and other foreign elements walking about like they're on a free ride or something being accommodated and getting all the "local youth" in trouble. Thus: Commie Black Muslim hordes.

Nice sport fishing around there.

Ten Bears said...

Most of us that actually live out here just wish they would all go back where they came from. You know, New York, LA, wherever they, the teeming hordes, have run away from. Good for a chuckle, though, every now and then.

The problem with Spokane (great place, been there many times) is it has become a Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint exurban metropolis, with freeways and WalMarts and pretty everything else you'de find in California, or New Jersey. Strip malls and overpriced crap houses for fifty, sixty miles, in every direction.

Having owned a fishing cabin north of The Rez north of Spokane for generations, and a little ranch sixty miles or so east in Western Montana that burned up in a fire several years after I sold it, I don't have any sympathy for people who build houses in the forest.

M. Bouffant said...

Nothing new really (although I must admit the slickness of "Survival Retreat Consulting" is to be admired for its awfulness); serious full-time honkies fleeing to Idaho & establishing a White Homeland has been one of their fever dreams since the '70s.

Dollars to dough-nuts Don Bradway didn't lose any money on his Calif. house & had a pretty penny left after buying his survival retreat. And of course he's retired (doubt there's an excess of jobs there). Just gives him more time to interfere w/ local politics & be a conservative Christian crank.

Hamilton said...

I have to be honest and confess I actually like the name American Redoubt. It has a certain "historical-ish-esque" coolness to it that surely wasn't intentional. Rather than sounding rage- and fear-filled, it sounds more like a theme-parked utopia of the imagination, albeit for the sad sacks for whom contemporary America is just too frightening (and black and gay).

It's certainly more poetic than it's intellectual doppelgänger, Galt's Gulch Chile.

Victor said...

How do these people earn a living?
What do they do to earn a living?

Doesn't going to work outside of Fort Loony mean having to work with some of the teeming hordes?

Die alte Aechzener said...

What are all these people meant to do to earn money way up there? I seriously doubt many of them will cope longterm as ranchers or farmers

Tom said...

Victor and Aechzener, some good weed growin' in clearings in the woods, and/or under lights in the basement. And "chemistry" labs in shacks.

Rand Careaga said...

Come the apocalypse, these jokers will be mounting armed raids on one another's caches of canned goods. And then, of course, there's this lot of credulous* loonies:

*I refer here to the intended marks, and not to the scam artists who are dangling this fantasy before them.

Ten Bears said...

That's a big part, Vic, Di, Tom, of the wishing they're go back home: there hasn't been a decent, solid middle-class job out here since Clinton shut down the woods, closed the sawmills. There's a lot of building going on, but... there's a lot of un and underemployed builders and those jobs hover right around just below living wage: twixt twelve and sixteen dollars an hour. Ironically, the best paying jobs are with state.

swkellogg said...

I've got to believe that with the dearth of jobs, most of these clowns are retired.

My hypothesis is that there is a relationship between the increasingly frequent and vivid survivalist fantasies of some olds that corresponds with declining testosterone levels.

It's a type of overcompensation.

Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Paying taxes, or a fee to build a house, is such a waste of money if you're the sort that's angry that, "No damn bureacrat gonna tell *my* kid how much cadmium he's allowed ta eat."