Sunday, May 08, 2016


Here's the headline for a Fox Nation thread about the FBI's interview of Huma Abedin:

Notice something wrong with the headline? It doesn't refer to Abedin as Clinton's "Closest Aide." The word used is "Closet."

That's also true on the Fox Nation homepage:

The FN thread links back to an opinion piece at, where the word in the headline is "closest" -- but the word in the article's URL is "closet" (the URL is I assume that means the headline originally contained the word "closet" as well.

On the Fox News Facebook page, which links to the version of the article, the headline includes the word "Closet."

And it's "closet" on this page from the site of Fox's affiliate in Bangor, Maine.

Now remember, this is the same Fox News that routinely used the "(D)" label to identify Republicans involved in sex scandals (Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig) until the habit was pointed out by critics. Fox regularly broadcasts charts and graphs that are skewed in a way intended to make Democrats look bad. And in 2008, when a story appeared in The New York Times that rubbed Fox executives the wrong way, insultingly Photoshopped headshots of the story's author and editor appeared on Fox & Friends.

So you tell me whether the use of the word "Closet" was an accident.


Unknown said...

Every once in a while one really must step back and catch one's breath at the realization just how utterly slimy, despicable and horrible Fox "News" really is.

It does seem to me that even a "public figure" like Steinberg would have a solid case for defamation and ethnic slurs over this kind of "picturing in a false light" distortion. Maybe the only way to deter these scum is through litigation.

The New York Crank said...

Problem with litigation is, it's extremely costly and the odds of "winning" are iffy. Sunshine, such as the kind we're commenting on, is the best possible medicine, if it can be administered in large enough doses.

The New York Crank

Victor said...

Oh, c'mon!

Everyone knows Hillary isn't a closeted lesbian!

She's open about being one.
And the proof?
She killed her lesbian lover over 20 years ago!:
Vincentia Foster!

You didn't know he/she/it had a sex-change operation, just to make her Hill happy?
You must not watch FOX, or listen to Reich-Wing radio!
They'll misinform and edumacate you, LIBTARDS!!!

jsrtheta said...

You have to laugh at all the RWNJs who try to terrify us about government "tyranny." The government doesn't engage in this kind of partisan brainwashing. We can thank Rupert Murdoch for that.

Tex said...
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Unknown said...

You need to understand that the first language of Fox reporters is French, so "closet" is actually "closêt", with the caret representing a missing "s", as in "hôpital" and "forêt" which are respectively "hospital" and "forest".