Thursday, May 19, 2016


The right-wing site Clash Daily reports this, which I'm pretty sure isn't a joke:
Kathleen Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault [in the 1990s], is calling out Hillary and calling on Putin and her followers to help her....

Here is what she posted via Facebook:

If you would like to send a Tweet to Putin, you can do so here: @KremlinRussia_E
The post appears on Willey's personal Facebook page and also on the Facebook page for A Scandal a Day, a site Wiley started last July, a month after Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy:
One of Bill Clinton's accusers, Kathleen Willey, has launched an anti-Hillary website.

Willey has launched an anti-Hillary Clinton website titled "A Scandal A Day."
The site is partially aimed at recruiting other women who may have been assaulted by the former president.

Calling Hillary Clinton "without a doubt the most corrupt politician that this nation has ever seen," Willey announced the launch of her new website Sunday on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio," broadcast on New York's AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia's NewsTalk 990 AM and online.
Aaron Klein is still acting as a media conduit for Willey, according to Clash Daily. She told him she's a big Trump fan:
Speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular Sunday talk radio program, Willey demanded that Hillary Clinton submit to a lie detector test to answer questions about whether she engaged in campaigns to silence or intimidate her husband’s female accusers. Klein doubles as Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief.

Willey also telegraphed a message of encouragement for Donald Trump....

Willey chimed in: “Thank you very much, Mr. Trump, for asking the right question at the right time. And please keep asking more.”
In an October radio interview -- yes, again with Aaron Klein -- Willey made clear that she's also worked with Trump-allied dirty trickster Roger Stone:
Kathleen Willey ... took to Klein’s show last week to announce new plans to “haunt” Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

The Clinton sex accuser used the interview to tease the Oct. 13 publication of a new book by bestselling author Roger Stone titled “The Clintons’ War on Women,” for which Willey wrote the forward.

And Willey said Stone just formed a new PAC called “Women Against Hillary,” with the author asking her to serve as the group’s national spokeswoman, a role Willey will accept, she revealed to Klein.
The Putin angle definitely seems like the sort of thing Roger Stone would have decided was "cheeky" after a few drinks and a three-way.

Hey, maybe they'll all get Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald involved. This year, I assume nothing is too bizarre to be beyond the realm of possibility.


Victor said...

"The Putin angle definitely seems like the sort of thing Roger Stone would have decided was "cheeky" after a few drinks and a three-way."

If you count the goat and the great dane, wouldn't that be a five-way?

Sweet Sue said...

Still crazy after all these years.

KenRight said...

Clinton called Putin another Hitler did she not?
Guardian just ran a piece yesterday on likelihood of war with Russia from an ex Nato officer.

Hillary's a cold warrior, Trump an occasional isolationist.
But I guess you liberal internationalists believe Latvia is worth Armageddon.

Ten Bears said...

Twas a time when Murcans (Fuck Yeah!) frowned on folks having the Soviet Premier's personal number. Thought it might be traitorous, and if not hung worthy of a lifetime imprisonment.

Steve M. said...

Wow, Ken, did you strain a hamstring with that logical leap, from "Hillary Clinton would be wary of Putin as president" to global annihilation in one step?

Jeez, dude, we survived the frigging Cuban Missile Crisis. I think we know how to have frosty relations with the Russkies without blowing up the planet.

Nefer said...

"The Clinton sex accuser used the interview to tease the Oct. 13 publication of a new book"
Ah. Okey-dokey.

jsrtheta said...

Ah, Kathleen Willey. Hell, even Linda Tripp didn't believe her. And really, no one else did, either. Julie Hiatt Steele exposed her for all to see, though it cost Steele greatly.

Nice to see the Clinton Crazies are getting the band back together. I've been told not to expect any new material from them, though, just the same oldies they wore out almost 20 years ago.

Dennis said...
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Victor said...

Attention maintenance!

Troll vomit in aisle 7:59 am!

Hazmat suits mandatory!

jsrtheta said...

Amazing how trolls pop up to make unsubstantiated accusations whenever the name "Clinton" gets dropped.

I mean, you'd think they'd at least agree with Linda Tripp.

KenRight said...

KenRight said...

Someone here recently must have been straining when they found something of recent vintage from Clinton more reassuring.

"Hillary’s aversion to all things Russian – much like her servility to the Israel lobby — is longstanding. The Clintons’ efforts to join former Warsaw Pact countries to NATO, and to draw former Soviet republics into the American orbit, are well known.

Lately, though, she has set her sights on Russia itself. The lesson is clear: worry!"

Glennis said...