Thursday, May 12, 2016


I'm sure you're already familiar with Anthony Peter Senecal, the former butler to Donald Trump and current "historian" at Trump's Mar-A-Lago club, who was caught posting (now-deleted) racist Facebook rants calling for President Obama to be killed:

If you haven't been folloing this story, read David Corn's post at Mother Jones. Also read the Daily Beast's follow-up ("Trump’s Butler Hates ‘Negroes,’ Wanted To ‘Carpet Bomb’ Ferguson, Called ‘Killery’ Clinton A ‘C**T’").

But there's one pronouncement in Senecal's tsunami of hate that's confusing some observers -- and I think I can explain it. Here's The Atlantic's David Graham:
Even if the posts have been deleted, Senecal didn’t deny them. In fact, he expanded on them to NBC’s Alex Jaffe:

(What does “rent-a-kids” even mean?)
What does "rent-a-kids" mean in this context? MSNBC's Alex Jaffe and Jane Timm offer an inadequate explanation:
But in a phone interview with NBC News, Senecal stood by his remarks in the Facebook post and went even further, saying the president’s children were “rent-a-kids” because he felt they didn’t look sufficiently like their parents....
Well, I'm sure that's what Senecal believes -- but I'm sure that's not all he believes on the subject. "Rent-a-kids" is a phrase you can find all over the online wingnuttosphere if you know enough to look for it. Here's a comment from a thread about President Obama at

Here's a comment from a thread about Malia Obama at a site called The Political Insider:

Here's a series of comments from another Political Insider thread:

Go to this page at One Political Plaza (or any of several other sites) and you get the secret they don't want you to know:
Documents Surface Proving That Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha

Reporters have long been suspicious of the lack of pictures of First Daughters Malia and Sasha Obama. We know that the Obamas like to keep their daughters out of the spotlight, but some are starting to suspect that photographs of the girls’ childhood may not exist at all.

Now, rumors suggest that the girls may have been adopted from Morocco. In fact, there is very little evidence of their background. Birth records for both girls yield no results. and have no records of Malia and Sasha existing at all.

And many are suspicious that they’ve never seen a photo of Michelle pregnant or holding a newborn baby.

What do you think? Are Malia and Sasha truly the biological children of Barack and Michelle Obama?
The One Political Plaza page goes on to add:
It's a just can't give birth with this equipment!

Is Michael really fooling anyone?
So that's what much of Wingnut America believes: that Michelle Obama is actually a man named Michael. And I'm sure that's what Senecal believes as well. (We already know that many right-wingers, including World Net Daily's Jerome Corsi and former PUMA Obamaphobe Kevin DuJan, think the president has had many relationships and liaisons with men, including Kal Penn and Reggie Love, not to mention a Pakistani roommate whom Obama is said to have married in his youth, using a ring inscribed "There Is No God but Allah," which he also used in his marriage to Michelle -- or should I say "Michael"???)

By the way, that doctored photo of Michelle Obama in a teal dress also shows up on the Facebook page of Robert Morrow, the half-insane Obama- and Clinton-hater (and current chair of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas) who co-authored a book with Trump pal Roger Stone called The Clintons' War on Women. Here's the post, one of many repulsive Morrow posts collected by Media Matters:

Here's what I want to know: When is the "respectable" political world going to recognize what a cesspool of hate and delusion conservatism has become in America?


Madison G-man said...

it's truly amazing and terrifying how these sheep just believe shit they wanna believe after hearing it once on Fox News. but this is another level of's almost beyond Alex Jones wingnuttery.

Luigi said...

Jackasses like this should be in jail. Anyone who spews such hatred and, more importantly, threatens the life of our President, should be compelled to view the world from inside a maximum security prison for the balance of their life.

Ten Bears said...

Not jail. That costs we the taxpayer money. Exile. Throw them the fuck out.

I admit, I am enamoured of the alternative.

Victor said...

I'm with Ten Bears.

Let them take all of their guns, and ship them off to Somalia or Afghanistan, where they'll be free to express their hatred of Muslim"s to their hearts content.

For as long as they last, that is... 😉

Rand Careaga said...

It seems unfortunately likely that the fever swamp will be a prominent, mephitic blight on the political and cultural landscape, and a fertile rookery for these meme-squitoes, for as long as any of us are likely to live.

Feud Turgidson said...

Every wonset, a dumpster-diving memory-jogger meanders into the pothole under the bouldering pebble "some" call home, waps "them" across the face with a dinky trash holder of discarded "sea snacks" (repurposed from a bag of anti-ozonite emprinted with "Piggly Wiggly"), and reminds "them" "they" actually don't know skwawt. Such an aromatic hobo is "mephitic" - said by supposedly definitive online 'dictionaries' to derive from "mephisis", from "mefisis".

Now "some" ask (or yell, metaf[ph]orically): y LENGTHEN 'mefisis' 2 'mephisis'? IOW, nomorrs: WTPH?

Now is the stewpit of ower Drumpfcontent May'd argullbargullous by the phukking noise from all the media chikkens of our long selph-deceipt staggering home to rowst.

And phukk u 2, Sinclair Lewis, 4 being able to shatter the rules of this Youkneeverse for an eye-kin-C clearly into the phewcheer view of this yammering berzil dripping into the White House on the obtuse winds of spare change, trailed by his manbaby servant hurling personal poopnugents at the peons, Cat Scratch Fever blaring from a gold-plated beat box.

I am SOOOOO tired of Drumpf. Go away, you narcissitic halph-prikk.

Grung_e_Gene said...

As to your final question Steve M. will you accept NEVER as an answer?

Herry Johnson said...

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