Thursday, May 12, 2016


Are we seeing the death of the Republican Party as we've known it? Is it Donald Trump's party now, and not Paul Ryan's?

Not in Ryan's district:
Paul Ryan has an overwhelming lead on GOP challenger Paul Nehlen, according to a new poll.

The Remington Research Group found 78 percent of likely Republicans in the 1st CD [Congressional District] backed Ryan, while 14 supported Paul Nehlen....

Seventy-eight percent of likely GOP primary voters had a favorable opinion of Ryan, while 15 percent did not.
He's winning by 64 points? But ... but ... but he's been at loggerheads with Trump! And Sarah Palin!
The poll found 41 percent of 1st CD Republicans had a favorable view of Trump, while 43 percent did not.

The numbers were worse for Sarah Palin, who said over the weekend Ryan was on the verge of losing his House seat and backed Nehlen. Twenty-four percent had a favorable view of her, while 54 percent did not.
I suppose you could say that Ryan's 78% approval rating represents slippage:
Ryan was viewed favorably by 81% of Republican voters in his district and unfavorably by 12% in a late March poll by the Marquette University Law School.
Down 3 points!

And Trump's meh numbers in the new poll represent an improvement over the March poll from Marquette:
By contrast, Trump was viewed favorably by 28% of those voters and unfavorably by 59%.
But Ryan isn't running against Trump. As I told you a couple of days ago, he's running against this wannabe tough guy:

Yup, well be stuck with Ryan for another two years -- or until House Republican zealots decide to Boehner him.

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Victor said...

The GOP is like the Planters company:
Never a shortage of nuts!

If you get tired of peanuts, get some cashew nuts instead.