Sunday, May 17, 2015


At Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft reports:
BREAKING: ISIS Promises to Behead Barack Obama -- Posts Bloody Photo Online

Following the news today that US elite forces had executed ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf, ISIS supporters threatened to kill President Obama online.

Vocativ reported:
... “If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama,” one ISIS supporter posted in the hours after the raid, which took place near the eastern Syrian city of al-Amr.
... ISIS supporters also promised to behead President Obama.

Surprisingly, there are commenters at Hoft's place who would be upset at this outcome ... in their own way:
As much as I despise that son of a bitch in the white house, it should be a cold day in hell before we let the likes if ISIS do him in. As bad as he is, he is still the elected leader of our country. You people saying "do him", ask yourself this question. If you were angrier than you had ever been before, at your 10 year old kid, would you let someone you hated discipline him? I know Obama doesn't come close, but the office IS our collective child. It is ours. I, for one, will not delegate the authority to punish that iffice, or the prick that holds it, to anyone. That is our job. I say we get busy doing our job. Get rid of him and install someone these towel heads will be afraid to threaten.


very well spoken and has my whole-hearted agreement. Assasinated presidents are considered martyrs and heroes. Every awful thing they ever did is forgotten and their memory is iconized and enshrined in a collective conscience. I NEVER want Barack Obama likened to Lincoln or Kennedy (both men with feet of clay when they lived)


Thank you, Lisa, but it is so much more than that. While I have NO problem with Obama meeting an untimely and uncomfortable demise, the thought of allowing those of any caliphate associated with islam, just doesn't set well with me....


Yeah, it is our job to drag him out in chains and put him on trial as Egypt had to guts to do to Morsi, Obama's sockpuppet.
So there: Don't kill him ... because he may be a bratty ten-year-old, but he's our bratty ten-year-old, dammit! And we don't want anyone feeling sympathy after he's assassinated! Let us kill him instead!

Other responses are more what you'd expect:
So uh, I CAN or CAN'T blow that photo up into a wall poster?


Hmmmmm....promises, promises....


Is that supposed to bother us?


Can we take up a collection for his airfare?


and the down side would be what exactly...??


This ISIS charm offensive is starting to win me over lol
The most common reaction is skepticism because -- of course! -- Obama is on ISIS's side:
Our Moslem in Chief is an enemy of ISIS? or so they think. I think he's been their greatest facilitator and America's worst enemy.


I just can't believe the religion of peace wants to decapitate one of its greatest advocates!


It's a sham. They love Obama. He's been more than good to them.
And, needless to say, for right-wingers, anything is an excuse to go back to the classic memes, which never get old:
Looks like workplace harassment to me....


No worries. ISIS is just a jv team


I couldn't care less about Obama. If they get him, let it be because they crossed the border illegally.


"If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama"... As Hillary would say, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"...


So there you have it. The reaction's pretty much the same at Free Republic, although I'm struck by one commenter's take on how this would affect U.S. race relations:
They’d be doing us a favor.

Just think no long trial for treason, and his hood rat minions will turn their attention to killing muzzies instead of killing whitey IF such trials were to go through.
There's your GOP base. And you wonder why we can't work out our political differences in America?


Victor said...


Surprisingly, there's a bit of Ying amongst all of the Yang.

Every day that I wake-up and see that President Obama hasn't been assassinated, is a good day!

We all know that's what the Reich-Wing wants - minus the "martyr" part, of course.

Buford said...

wow, We may have to fight some of these wingnuts in some sort of Civil War Next...I mourn for our lost American Civility with each other...

petrilli said...

I should be outraged about this, but according to Luke Russert, both sides do it.

Ken_L said...

It's a toss-up who's the more immature: ISIS or American right wing extremists.