Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Well, old Republicans like Marco Rubio, at least, according to Pew:

Maybe you were thinking Mike Huckabee had the highest rating among elderly Republicans? Nahhh -- he doesn't even do as well among seniors as he does among the middle-aged. Scott Walker does well with the elders, as does Jeb -- but Marco Rubio kills it with older Republicans. Meanwhile, he has terrible numbers among younger voters, even though he's the youngest candidate in the race.

Why? Is he the son (or grandson!) every Republican would like to have? The boyish, smooth-cheeked, commie-averse offspring older Republicans wish were their own? And are young Republicans lukewarm toward him because he seems like the kid in sixth grade who wore a suit to school every day?

I've noted this before, but years ago Michael Kinsley described Al Gore as "an old person's idea of a young person." For Republicans now, as I've said before, that's true of Marco Rubio.

So will we have a race in 2016 in which Hillary Clinton wins the youth vote and Marco Rubio wins the elderly? We'll see.

Bonus observation: In which group of Republicans does Rand Paul do best? Please note: It's the middle-aged, not the young. Discuss.


M. Bouffant said...

People w/ children & mortgages realizing they're screwed (their children even more so) & looking for an answer, but too brainwashed to look left for it?

petrilli said...

Maybe Rand is a dumb person's idea of a smart person.