Monday, May 18, 2015


Here's today's Gateway Pundit lie:

The post from Gateway Pundit (emphasis in original):
Obama DOJ Announces Plan to Pay Community Organizers $163 Million to ‘Build Trust’

The Obama administration announced plans today to build trust between police and communities they serve.

Now the rioters will be rewarded.

... Part of the announced plan today includes hiring positions (community organizers) to focus on building community trust. The DOJ is setting aside $163 million for this operation.

$163 million!

It’s like ACORN on steroids.
The link takes you to this ABC News story:
Amid continued tension between police and communities of color, President Obama will travel to Camden, New Jersey this afternoon to highlight the city’s efforts improve police-community relations.

... Camden -- recently named a “promise zone” and a My Brother’s Keeper community challenge partner -- is making strides, and the Obama administration wants to help other cities follow suit.

Here are six things they're doing to shore up trust between law enforcement and minority communities:

... 3. $163 Million

The Justice Department today is announcing $163 million in hiring grants for positions focused on building community trust.
So no reference to "community organizers" in the linked story, much less to any effort meant to ensure that "the rioters will be rewarded." Is there a primary source where we can find out what's really going on?

Why, yes, there is -- it's this press release, dated today.
The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services today announced the release of the final report from the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing....

The COPS Office today also announced five separate Fiscal Year 2015 grant funding opportunities now open to the field for submission of applications....
And now here's the key line (emphasis added):
Grants will provide a total of up to $163 million to state, local, territory and tribal law enforcement agencies to meet a variety of resource needs, including sworn officer positions, training and technical assistance, and expansion of problem-focused task forces.
So these grants aren't going to ACORN-like organizations. They're going to the police. Go to the link if you want to read the details.

Jim Hoft has a lot of readers, and a lot of influential friends on the rabble-rousing right. When he lies, people listen. And he's lying now.


Victor said...

Remind me of a time when America's dumbest and most ignorant internet MFer ever got anything righ... correct?!?!?!?!

He's always "right!"
He's just never correct!

Tbone said...

He is the stupidest man on the Internet, after all.

Roger said...

Is Hoft claiming he doesn't fuck his mother again?