Saturday, May 30, 2015


Front page of as I type:

Note the placement of the Dennis Hastert story, which I've highlighted.

The Hastert story is on the front page of Fox Nation, but in eleventh place, below the following more prominent headlines:
GOP Calls On AG Lynch To Prosecute Lois Lerner In IRS Scandal

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Are You a #ProudAmerican? Here's How to Share Your Pride!

Pelosi: Clintons Will Have To Answer For Foundation

Who Voted To Bring 33 Million Immigrants North?

Five Scandals For Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders That Would Sink Any Republican

Watters' World: Unemployed Edition

Baltimore Police Union Head: Mosby Political From Start

Chris Kyle's Widow: 'I Proudly Stand With,' Endorse Rick Perry

Todd Starnes: Feds Want You to Eat Healthier S’Mores
There are those who argue that Fox News isn't a propaganda tool of the GOP -- it's strictly a profit-maximizing infotainment enterprise. (See, e.g., Politico's Jack Shafer a few days ago.) But if all Fox wants to do is make money, why would it shy away from the most riveting, lurid, shocking story in the current news?

Fox is shying away because the story is an embarrassment to Republicans, and because the very act of shying away is perceived by the Fox audience as an act of tribal solidarity, a bird-flip to the "liberal media," which is devoting lots of resources to the Hastert story. (Go here for a whiny complaint about all that media attention to Hastert, from National Review's Ian Tuttle.) Fox, speaking for the right-wing tribe, insists that Lois Lerner is a much more important story right now than Hastert! Bill Clinton's ties to FIFA are much more newsworthy, says Tuttle!

So a big part of profit-seeking is rallying the Republican tribe by ignoring what normal people regard as news, and insisting that the right's obsessions and hobbyhorses are the real news. There's no point, on the right, where promoting the ideology ends and profit-seeking begins. They're one and the same.


Victor said...

Which proves again why (DUMB)FUX "news" viewers know nothing about current events.
Even people who don't follow the news know more about things than FUX viewers.

If course, ignorance is conservative bliss.

If they knew anything at all about anything, then they would find it hard to be conservatives.

Life in their echo-chamber must be very comforting for them...

Except, of course, for the crowds of Commie brown people and the EEEEEEEBIL MOOOOOZLUMS who are coming to get them!

But, FUX will reinforce the hate and fear and bigotry, while at the same time provide some sort of comfort.

petrilli said...

Maybe if someone told Fox News that, "This is excellent news!! For John McCain!!!"

Never Ben Better said...

Meanwhile AP sent out a report identifying Hastert as a Democrat:

No, not Fox -- the Associated Press.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the AP has been quietly running periodic Fox-style stories for maybe 10 years, and increasingly brazenly. The first couple times I saw this, I wasn't sure it was intentional (like the (D) after the latest Republican malefactor on the Fox crawler), but Goldfinger's Rule soon removed all doubt. If I had to guess, I'd say that one or more of the AP story centers is run by a hard-core Ailes man. Years ago I dropped the AP news feed I had used for decades, and replaced it with Reuters - a vast improvement in terms of consistency, if not always quality. You can't trust AP any more than you can trust MSNBC or CNN nowadays. Not that any non-McClatchy story is safe to trust.