Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Yes, it's happened again, in Troutdale, Oregon:
A gunman and one Reynolds High School student are confirmed dead following a shooting inside the Troutdale school.....

One student told a parent the shooting began in the school's gymnasium, though police have not been able to confirm specific details....
Gunners and the vast majority of the right wing are going to be smug and happy about this one. You see, a Multnomah County gun ordinance that took effect in May 2013 makes it illegal to have a firearm in a public place within the county. So, yeah, a hundred thousand gunner trolls are writing GUN-FREE ZONES DON'T WORK SUCK IT LIBTARDS posts even as I type.

I support gun control, but it's not enough -- and it can't really work if large percentages of Americans regard the gun as some combination of a Maserati and a holy relic, both the ultimate toy and the object of worship in a secular religion. The people who feel that way about guns are a minority in America, but they're so politically relentless that we custom-tailor our gun-access laws to accommodate their desires in the vast majority of the country. Outside of California and the Northeast, there are tiny islands of gun control surrounded by vast swaths where we don't dare impose restrictions for fear of infringing on the One True Faith. Unless we put Berlin Walls around the gun-control enclaves, the laws are all but useless -- except as reasons for gunners to feel morally superior.

But we could enforce the laws we're allowed to have somewhat better. Did Reynolds High School force every student, teacher, administrator, and visitor to walk through a metal detector? I'm guessing the answer is no -- and maybe that has to change, at every single school in America. You say it's sad that our children have to walk through metal detectors in order to learn? Here's what's really sad: dead and injured kids. If the gunners won't let us regulate guns except in liberal niches of the country, if moderate believers in the gun religion won't challenge and criticize the extremism of the religion's fundamentalists, then this is where we are, for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and this guy should just STFU:



Luigi said...

I support the elimination of all guns. See Australia or England or Canada or any civilized country to see how it would work. I call for 100% compliance -- No guns.

Victor said...

Does Rupe ever even watch FOX "News?"
Or, does he leave that to Rog?

And does he listen to any of his radio talkers?
Or does some other minion/lackey?

As Michele Bachmann once said, "That's CHOOOOOOOTspah!"

Jules said...

What a relief it must be. The shooting and stripping of those two police officers must have sucked a lot of air out of their GOOD GUY WITH A GUN sails.

Victor said...

Alex Jones is already spinning that as a "False-flag" operation, organized by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and us anti-gun liberals.

And the loons will, doubtless, believe it.

Unknown said...

As of today, I am for the metal detectors at schools. I have had it. We can't get gun control, maybe we can at least stop having kids and teachers shot during the school day.

Pete said...

Wow, I was just making these exact same points earlier today. Not nearly as articulately, but the same points.

Roger said...

Was the school named after Instacracker?