Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do you remember Elbert Guillory? He was one of the breakout right-wing stars of 2013 -- a black legislator from Louisiana who, after a party switch, electrified conservatives with a video titled "Why I Am a Republican":

The video got more than a million YouTube views. Fox Nation called it a "MUST SEE." Guillory was acclaimed at Human Events and Breitbart and the Right Scoop and Glenn Beck's Blaze, not to mention the blog of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He got coverage in The Washington Post. He made a highly acclaimed speech at CPAC. He launched a "Free at Last" PAC. One poll showed him tied with Mary Landrieu as a possible candidate for U.S. Senate. The Daily Caller asked, "Is Elbert Guillory the next conservative superstar?"

(Never mind the fact that he'd actually been a Republican before switching to the Democratic Party; his 2013 switch was merely a flop to that flip.)

So ... what's up with Elbert Guillory?

If you watched The Daily Show last night, you know, because one segment focused on Guillory's latest crusade:

Chicken boxing.

As an AP story explained in April, Louisiana bans cockfighting, but Guillory wanted that ban not to apply to chicken boxing, which is different because ... er ...
Guillory said chicken boxing is similar to human kickboxing, with matches that aren't fought to the death and that involve rubber "gloves" to cover the spurs on a chicken's legs to ensure safety.

"There is no blood. There are no knives. There is no cruelty. And there is no abuse," he said, holding two pairs of chicken boxing gloves.
Yes, folks: chicken boxing gloves. (You can see them in the Daily Show clip.)

Guillory's legislative efforts failed -- chicken boxing is still banned. But he got himself a little more national media attention.

And that's what "the next conservative superstar" is up to now.


Nefer said...

All righty then.

Victor said...

Chicken boxing, with gloves.

Is that like cockfighting with rubbers?

Yes, we have so little else to worry about right now, so we must find another way to entertain the masses.

They must not get cable in LA.

Jon said...

Wait. Didn't he get this idea from that episode where Kramer adopts "Little Jerry Seinfeld" and he thinks that cockfights occur with little gloves on the roosters?