Sunday, June 15, 2014


The New York Times reports that New York's famous Halal Guys food carts are now going to be franchised nationwide:
... More than a decade after three Egyptian men switched from selling hot dogs from their Midtown cart to serving halal food to Muslim cabdrivers, the Halal Guys are about to become a fast-food chain. The company -- founded by Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka and Abdelbaset Elsayed -- signed a deal with Fransmart, the restaurant franchise consulting firm that took Five Guys Burgers and Fries from four locations in Northern Virginia and helped turn it into a chain with more than 1,200 stores and more than $1 billion in sales last year. Qdoba, a Mexican food chain, is Fransmart's other success story.

Within a year Fransmart hopes to open Halal Guys outlets in Los Angeles, along the East Coast, across Canada and in the Middle East. The five-year plan is for 100 locations, as well as a presence in Europe.

"It's going to be the Chipotle of Middle Eastern food," Dan Rowe, Fransmart's chief executive, said....

When asked if he was concerned that the company's name or its associations with Muslim culture might not play as well in certain parts of the country (halal food is prepared in accordance with Islamic law), Mr. Rowe said it never affected his confidence. He could easily envision a plan that took Halal Guys franchises from Miami through Florida, radiating from Boston and Chicago into the suburbs. "By the time we're in Chattanooga," he said, "there will be so much good buzz, they will be excited to try it."

And who are the fifth columnists who are making this possible?
Anthony Greco, 26, who works in finance, was sitting on a sun-baked granite bench near the Museum of Modern Art devouring a platter. He said he had "no doubt" the franchise would be successful. "I think it is a staple of New York, so it's going to be different," he said. "Me and my boys come in from Jersey, through the tunnel, on nights just to eat it."
You and your boys are dhimmi dupes!!!!

Haters of Western civilization rave about this food on Yelp! They line up to eat it -- New Yorkers as well as tourists!

As the video notes, the sinister halal message is even spread through social media, where even more dhimmis "like" the taste of submission!

Seriously, I hope Halal Guys is huge nationwide. This is how it's supposed to work in America -- you come here, you hustle, you make it, you add your piece to the mosaic. I hope this food becomes as American as pizza or tacos or cold noodles with sesame. And I hope every new location that opens is like a needle in Pam Geller's shriveled, diseased heart.


Anonymous said...

Allāhu Akbar!

Victor said...

Our Christian Reich-Wingers were afraid of Sharia Law, when what they should have been worried about, was Sharia Lunch.

Jules said...

Isn't this the woman who saw ice cream trucks as a threat?

I hope she snaps and throws herself under a cart.

Four Bs said...

That's an awful lot of falafel.

Four Bs said...
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Joey Blau said...

well... grumble grumble... "cold noodles with sesame".. you mean they are going to RUIN IT!!??

so you can't find a decent cold noodles with sesame in the ENTIRE CITY anymore?

is that what they are going to do to my combo platter? is that what you are telling me!???

Roger said...

"the Chipotle of Middle Eastern food."

Damn that's faint praise.